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Items in Sale # 494 Fine Americana - African American History - Cartography Date: 11/29/2012
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Section I: Americana: Books, Manuscripts, Photographs & Ephemera with Custeriana, Lots 1-342
Section II: African American History, Lots 343-431
Section III: Maps, Prints & Views, Lots 432-559

  Lot # Heading Author Title Place Date Estimate
1   Abert, James W[illiam]  Through the Country of the Comanche Indians in the Fall of the Year 1845: The Journal of a U.S. Army Expedition led by Lieutenant James W. Abert of the Topographical Engineers  [San Francisco]  1970  100/150 
2   Abert, Lieutenant J.W.  Western America in 1846-1847  San Francisco  1966  100/150 
3   Ainsworth, Ed  The Cowboy in Art  New York and Cleveland  [1968]  150/200 
4 (Alameda County)  **  Home Towns in Southern Alameda County California  [Oakland?]  1936  100/150 
5 (Alaska)  **  Articles of agreement between a miner setting off to Alaska to hunt for gold, and his financial backers, plus invoice for goods  San Francisco  June 21, 1898  700/1000 
6 (Alaska)  Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce  Welcome to Fairbanks: The Golden Heart of Alaska  Fairbanks, Alaska  [c.1935]  300/500 
7 (Alaska)  **  Orthodox Alaska: St. Michael's Cathedral, Sitka, Alaska  [Sitka?]  [c. 1910]  200/300 
8 (American Doctor in Hong Kong)  **  Cabinet card of Dr. John H. Lochhead, an American port doctor of British Hong Kong  121 Post Street, San Francisco  1886 (manuscript note dated 1899)  100/150 
9 (American Revolution)  **  The Parliamentary Register; Or, History of the Proceedings and Debates of the House of Commons; Containing an Account of the Most Interesting Speeches, Motions, Protests, Petitions, &c....Volumes IX & X  London  1777-1778  400/600 
10 (Arizona)  **  Charter, Constitution and By-Laws of the Arizona Historical Society  Prescott  1864  1000/1500 
11 (Autographs)  **  Autograph album with over 100 autographs of California government officials  Sacramento, CA  1880  400/600 
12   Bancroft, Hubert Howe  Some Cities and San Francisco and Resurgam - signed  New York  1907  100/150 
13   Bancroft, Hubert Howe  The Works of Hubert Howe Bancroft: History of California - 7 Vols  San Francisco  1884-1890  250/350 
14   Barnard, Sandy, editor  Ten Years with Custer: A 7th Cavalryman's Memoirs  [Terre Haute, IN]  [2001]  100/150 
15   Barneby, W. Henry  Life and Labour in the Far, Far West: Being Notes of a Tour in the Western States, British Columbia, Manitoba, and the North-West Territory  London  1884  150/250 
16   Barry, T.A. and B.A. Patten  Men and Memories of San Francisco in the "Spring of '50"  San Francisco  1873  150/250 
17 (Beckwith, E.G.)  Egloffstein, F.W.  Two proof engravings by C. Schumann after F.W. Egloffstein, as published in the Pacific Railroad Reports  Washington  [c.1855]  300/500 
18   Bierce, Ambrose  Tales of Soldiers and Civilians  San Francisco  1891  150/250 
19   Blish, Helen H.  A Pictographic History of the Oglala Sioux. Drawings by Amos Bad Heart Buffalo.  Lincoln  [1967]  400/600 
20   Bolton, Herbert Eugene  Font's Complete Diary: A Chronicle of the Founding of San Francisco  Berkeley  1931  150/250 
21   Bonaparte, Charles Lucian  American Ornithology; Or, The Natural History of Birds Inhabiting the United States, Not Given by Wilson. Volumes 1 through 3  Philadelphia  1825-1828  6000/9000 
22 (Borein, Edward)  Galvin, John  The Etchings of Edward Borein: A Catalogue of his Work  San Francisco  1971  100/150 
23 (Boston)  Seaver, C., Jr., (photographer)  Twenty-seven stereoview cards from the "Vicinity of Boston, Park and Garden Series"  No place  1870s  200/300 
24 (Bottles)  **  Photographs of the Oakland & Monterey plants of the Owens-Illinois bottle company, with an actual bottle  No place  c.1943  200/300 
25   Bramhall, Frank J.  The Military Souvenir: A Portrait Gallery of Our Military and Naval Heroes  New York  1863  200/300 
26   Bronaugh, W.C.  The Youngers' Fight for Freedom: A Southern Soldier's Campaign to Open Northern Prison Doors - With Anecdotes of War Days  Columbia, Missouri  1906  100/150 
27   Brotherhead, W[illiam]  General Fremont, and the Injustice Done Him by Politicians and Envious Military Men  Philadelphia  1862  200/300 
28   Brown, Samuel R.  Views of the Campaigns of the North-Western Army, &c.  Burlington, VT  1814  300/500 
29   Browne, Belmore  The Conquest of Mount McKinley: The Story of Three Expeditions Through the Alaskan Wilderness to Mount McKinley, North America's Highest and Most Inaccessible Mountain  New York  1913  100/150 
30   Browne, J. Ross  Report of the Debates in the Convention of California, on the Formation of the State Constitution, in September and October, 1849  Washington, DC  1850  100/150 
31   Bryant, William Cullen  Picturesque America; or, The Land We Live In. A Delineation by Pen and Pencil of the Mountains, Rivers, Lakes, Forests, Water-Falls, Shores, Cañons, Valleys, Cities, and other Picturesque Features of Our Country  New York  [1872-1874]  300/500 
32   Burdick, Usher L.  The Last Battle of the Sioux Nation  Fargo, N. Dakota  [1929]  150/250 
33   Burdick, Usher L., editor  David F. Barry's Indian Notes on "The Custer Battle"  Baltimore  1949  100/150 
34   Burr, Frank A.  A New, Original and Authentic Record of the Life and Deeds of General U.S. Grant - Salesman's sample copy  Philadelphia  [1885]  150/200 
35 (Butte County)  Hoffman, Ogden  United States district court, Northern district of California. The United States v. Henry Cambuston. No. 349. "Eleven leagues on the Sacramento River". Opinion of his honor Ogden Hoffman district judge, rejecting the claim  San Francisco  1859  250/350 
36 (Butte County)  **  Three legal documents relating to Michael Nye's grant of land in Butte County challenges to his ownership  [Washington, D.C.]  1850s  150/250 
37 (Butte County)  **  Two legal findings from the U.S. Supreme Court relating to land cases in Butte County, California  Washington  [1856]  150/250 
38 (California)  **  Gold Bond for $500 from the Saratoga & Almaden Railroad Co., with redemption coupons intact  San Francisco  1885  300/500 
39 (California)  **  The Zamorano 80: A Selection of Distinguished California Books Made by Members of the Zamorano Club  Los Angeles  1945  200/300 
40 (California - Coronado)  **  Coronado Beach, San Diego County, California. Its Attractions as a Health and Pleasure Resort, Its Wonderfully Equable Climate which makes it as Delightful in Summer as in Winter, Its Luxurious Hotel, The Hotel Del Coronado, the Largest Resort Hotel in the World  Oakland, Cal.  [c.1900]  300/500 
41 (California History)  **  Seven fine press volumes about California history  Various places  Various dates  100/150 
42 (California - Land Claims, Disputes, etc.)  **  Approximately 20 pamphlets, bookplates, government reports, documents, etc., relating to land in California  Various places  Various dates  200/300 
43 (California - Land Claims)  **  Seven U.S. government documents on California land claims  Washington  Various dates  150/250 
44 (California - Land Disputes)  **  Eight pamphlets & documents relating to land disputes and claims in California  California  Various dates  150/250 
45 (California - Land Fraud)  **  Frauds in Lands in California. Decision of Secretary of Interior. Resolution of Assembly of California Legislature...Senate Bill No. 805, and House Bill No. 3364, identical, proposing to confirm illegal Indemnity School Selections in California. Protest of State Land Commission. Petition of a Thousand Citizens of Los Angeles Valley, California, and Facts  [Los Angeles?]  [c.1876]  150/250 
46 (California - Land Grants)  **  Corrected report of Spanish and Mexican grants in California, complete to February 25, 1886. Prepared by the State Surveyor General...  Sacramento  1886  60/90 
47 (California Law)  Bates, J.C., editor  History of the Bench and Bar of California  San Francisco  1912  100/150 
48 (California Property Ownership Maps)  **  Agri-Land: Property Ownership Maps, Plat Book & Guide - for five different counties, in 5 volumes    1982-1984  80/120 
49 (California - Public & State Lands)  **  Report of the Joint Committee to Inquire into and Report Upon the Condition of the Public and State Lands Lying within the Limits of the State  Sacramento  1872  250/350 
50   Carroll, John M., editor  The Benteen-Goldin Letters on Custer and His Last Battle  New York  [1974]  100/150 
51   Carroll, John M., editor  The Black Military Experience in the American West  New York  [1971]  150/250 
52   Carroll, John M.  Buffalo Soldiers West  [Ft. Collins, CO]  [1971]  250/350 
53   Carroll, John M., editor  Cavalry Scraps: The Writings of Frederick W. Benteen  [Bennington, NH]  1979  150/250 
54   Carroll, John M.  Eggenhofer: The Pulp Years  [Fort Collins, CO]  [1975]  100/150 
55   Carroll, John M. & Byron Price, compilers  Roll Call on the Little Big Horn, 28 June 1876  [Fort Collins, CO]  [1974]  400/600 
56   Carroll, John M., editor  The Two Battles of the Little Big Horn  New York  [1974]  100/150 
57   Carter, R[obert] G.  On the Border with Mackenzie or Winning West Texas from the Comanches  New York  1961  100/150 
58 (Cattle)  **  Three catalogues from the auction sale of Cattle  Various places  1886, 1887 & 1898  300/500 
59   Chappe d'Auteroche, Jean  A voyage to California, to observe the transit of Venus. By Mons. Chappe d'Auteroche. With an historical description of the author's route through Mexico, and the natural history of that province. Also, a voyage to Newfoundland and Sallee, to make experiments on Mr. Le Roy's time keepers. By Monsieur de Cassini  London  1778  1500/2500 
60 (Chicago)  **  Four photographs from The White City Photographic Series  Chicago  [1893]  300/500 
61 (Chinese American)  Rhoads, W.M.  Washee-Washee: Laundry Lists for a Year...With Wise Saws and Modern Instances  Chicago  1905  300/500 
62   Chittenden, Hiram Martin  History of the American Fur Trade of the Far West  New York  1902  800/1200 
63 (Civil War)  Barnes, Joseph K.  The Medical and Surgical History of the War of the Rebellion (1861-1865)  Washington  1870-1888  1000/1500 
64 (Civil War)  Lossing, Benson J.  Pictorial History of the Civil War in the United States of America  Philadelphia  1866-68  200/300 
65 (Civil War)  Meyer, Henry C.  Civil War Experiences Under Bayard, Gregg, Kilpatrick, Custer, Roulston, and Newberry, 1862, 1863, 1864  New York  1911  150/250 
66 (Civil War)  Miller, Francis Trevelyan, editor  The Photographic History of the Civil War in Ten Volumes  New York  1911-12  400/600 
67   Clinton, Hillary Rodham  Living History  New York  [2003]  200/300 
68 (Colorado)  Pippin, Lonnie, editor  Miss Stampede bids you welcome to the 22nd annual San Luis Valley Ski-Hi Stampede, July31, August 1, 2, 1940, Monte Vista, Colorado  [Monte Vista, CO]  1940  300/500 
69 (Colorado)  **  Souvenir medal for the First Annual Festival of Mountain and Plain of Colorado  Milwaukee, WI  [1895]  300/500 
70 (Colorado)  **  The Great Western Consolidated M. & M. Co. General Office: Colorado Springs, Colorado  [Indian Orchard, MA]  1909  400/600 
71 (Colorado)  **  Two 1940s Colorado rodeo programs  Colorado  1941 and 1947  150/250 
72 (Colorado - Mining Claim Plats)  Drummond, Daniel, U.S. Deputy Surveyor  Two manuscript mining plats for claims in Colorado  Denver  1880 & 1882  400/600 
73 (Communism)  **  Communist Infiltration of Hollywood Motion-Picture Industry - Parts 1 through 7  Washington  1951-52  200/300 
74 (Contra Costa County)  [Munro-Fraser, J. P.]  History of Contra Costa County, California, Including Its Geography, Geology, Topography, Climatography and Description...also, Incidents of Pioneer Life; and Biographical Sketches....  San Francisco  1882  400/600 
75   Cooper, J[acob] C[alvin]  Military History of Yamhill County [Caption title]. Souvenir of GAR Encampment 1899 McMinnville Oregon [Cover title]  [McMinnville?]  1899  200/300 
76   Corlett, William Thomas  The Medicine-Man of the American Indian and Background  Springfield, IL  [1935]  150/250 
77   Cowan, Robert Ernest  The Liedesdorff-Folsom Estate: A Forgotten Chapter in the Romantic History of Early San Francisco  San Francisco  1928  100/150 
78   Cox, Ross  Adventures on the Columbia River, Including the Narrative of a Residence of Six Years on the Western Side of the Rocky Mountains, among Various Tribes of Indians Hitherto Unknown: Together with a Journey Across the American Continent  New York  1832  400/600 
79   Curtis, Edward S.  The Papers of Edward S. Curtis, Relating to Custer's Last Battle  El Segundo, California  2000  100/150 
80   Cushing, Frank Hamilton  Zuni Breadstuff: Indian Notes and Monographs, Vol. VIII  New York  1920  100/150 
81   Custer, G[eorge] A[rmstrong]  My Life on the Plains: or, Personal Experiences with Indians  New York  1874  1500/2500 
82 (Custer, George Armstrong)  **  Carte de Visite of George Armstrong Custer  Washington  c. January 1865  1000/1500 
83 (Custer, George Armstrong)  **  Carte de Visite of George Armstrong Custer  Washington  c. January 1865  1000/1500 
84 (Custer, George Armstrong)  **  Helena Weekly Herald - March 30, 1876 to September 7, 1876 & October 12, 1876 to November 16, 1876. Volume 10, Nos. 19-42 & 47-52  Helena, Montana  1876  1200/1800 
85   Darling, Roger, editor  Custer's Seventh Cavalry Comes to Dakota  El Segundo, California  1989  150/250 
86   Dawson, William Leon  The Birds of California: A Complete, Scientific and Popular Account of the 580 Species and Subspecies of Birds Found in the State  San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco  1923  200/300 
87   DeGrazia, [Ted]  Padre Kino: Memorable Events in the Life and Times of the Immortal Priest-Colonizer of the Southwest  Los Angeles  1962  150/250 
88 (Dixon, Maynard)  Burnside, Wesley M.  Maynard Dixon: Artist of the West  Provo, Utah  [1974]  250/350 
89 (Dixon, Maynard)  Burnside, Wesley M.  Maynard Dixon: Artist of the West  Provo, Utah  [1974]  200/300 
90   Dodge, Richard Irving  Our Wild Indians: Thirty-Three Years' Personal Experience Among the Red Men of the Great West...  Hartford  1882  200/300 
91   Downey, Fairfax  Fife, Drum & Bugle  [Ft. Collins, CO]  [1971]  100/150 
92   du Bois, Charles G.  The Custer Mystery  El Segundo, California  1986  100/150 
93   du Bois, Charles G.  Kick the Dead Lion: A Casebook of the Custer Battle  El Segundo, California  1987  100/150 
94   Du Mont, John S.  Custer Battle Guns  [Fort Collins, CO]  [1974]  250/350 
95   Du Mont, John S.  Custer Battle Guns  [Fort Collins, CO]  [1974]  150/200 
96   Dustin, Fred  The Custer Fight  Hollywood  1936  150/200 
97   Dustin, Fred  The Custer Tragedy: Events Leading Up to and Following the Little Big Horn Campaign of 1876  El Segundo, California  1987  100/150 
98   Dykes, Jeff  Fifty Great Western Illustrators: A Bibliographic Checklist  [Flagstaff]  [1975]  200/300 
99   Ege, Robert J.  Curse Not His Curls  [Ft. Collins, CO]  [1974]  250/350 
100   Ege, Robert J.  "Tell Baker to Strike Them Hard!" Incident on the Marias, 23 Jan. 1870  [Bellevue, NE]  [1970]  150/250 
101   Engelhardt, Zephyrin  Eight volumes by Engelhardt on the Missions of California  Various places  Various dates  400/600 
102   Evans, David C.  Custer's Last Fight: The Story of the Battle of The Little Big Horn  El Segundo, California  1999  150/250 
103 (Federalist Papers)  **  Federalist Papers, Nos. 1-6 as published in The American Museum, November and December, 1787  [Philadelphia]  1787  300/500 
104   Forbes, Alexander  California: A History of Upper & Lower California from their First Discovery to the Present Time, comprising an Account of the Climate, Soil, Natural Productions, Agriculture, Commerce, &c. A Full View of the Missionary Establishments and Condition of the Free and Domesticated Indians. With an Appendix relating to Steam Navigation in the Pacific  San Francisco  1919  100/150 
105   Foster, Elizabeth Andros, translator and editor  Motolinía's History of the Indians of New Spain  [Berkeley]  1950  100/150 
106   Franklin, Benjamin  Works of the Late Dr. Benjamin Franklin; Consisting of His Life, Written by Himself, Together with Essays, Humorous, Moral & Literary; Chiefly in the Manner of the Spectator.  New York  1794  300/500 
107   Friends of Freedom  The Liberty Bell  Boston  1841  100/150 
108   Frost, Lawrence A.  Custer’s 7th Cav and the Campaign of 1873  El Segundo, California  1986  100/150 
109   Frost, Lawrence A.  Some Observations on the Yellowstone Expedition of 1873  Glendale, CA  1981  150/250 
110   Frost, Lawrence A., editor  With Custer's Cavalry in '74: James Calhoun's Diary of the Black Hills Expedition  [Provo, UT]  [1979]  100/150 
111   Frémont, John Charles  California Claims... the memorial of John Charles Frémont, praying for an investigation of the claims of citizens of California against the United Sates, for money and supplies furnished by them for the Use of the United States...  Washington  1848  100/150 
112   Garces, Francisco  A Record of Travels in Arizona and California, 1775-1776  San Francisco  1967  100/150 
113   Gardner, Roy  Hellcatraz: The Rock of Despair  No place  [c.1939]  200/300 
114   Giorda, Joseph, Joseph Bandini, and Gregory Mengarini  A Dictionary of the Kalispel, or Flat-Head Indian Language, Compiled by the Missionaries of the Society of Jesus  Montana  1877-1879  500/800 
115   Grant, Ulysses S.  Personal Memoirs of U.S. Grant  New York  1885  250/350 
116   Gray, John S.  Centennial Campaign: The Sioux War of 1876  [Ft. Collins, CO]  [1976]  300/500 
117   Gray, John S.  Centennial Campaign: The Sioux War of 1876  [Ft. Collins, CO]  [1976]  100/150 
118   Hagen, Barry J.  "Exactly in the Right Place": A History of Fort C.F. Smith, Montana Territory, 1866-1868  El Segundo, California  1999  100/150 
119   Hague, Arnold & S.F. Simmons. Clarence King, Geologist in Charge  Report of the Geological Exploration of the Fortieth Parallel. Volume II: Descriptive Geology  Washington  1877  250/350 
120   Hall, Captain Basil  Travels in North America, in the Years 1827 and 1828  Edinburgh  1829  300/500 
121   Hammer, Kenneth  Men With Custer: Biographies of the 7th Cavalry, 25 June, 1876 [&] The Reno Court of Inquiry  [Ft. Collins, CO]  [1972]  300/500 
122   Hammer, Kenneth  Men With Custer: Biographies of the 7th Cavalry, 25 June, 1876 [&] The Reno Court of Inquiry  [Ft. Collins, CO]  [1972]  250/350 
123   Hammer, Kenneth  Men With Custer: Biographies of the 7th Cavalry, June 25, 1876 - One of 5 copies  [Hardin, Montana]  [1995]  300/500 
124   Hankins, Col.  Dakota Land; or, the Beauty of St. Paul. An Original, Illustrated, Historic and Romantic Work...To Which is Added "A Round of Pleasure," With Interesting Notes of Travel, Maps, etc., and Forming a Comprehensive Guide to the Great North-West  New York  1868  200/300 
125   Hardorff, Richard G., editor  On The Little Bighorn With Walter Camp: A Collection of W.M. Camp's Letters, Notes and Opinions on Custer's Last Fight  El Segundo, California  2002  100/150 
126   Harlan, Robert D.  The Two Hundredth Book: A Bibliography of the Books Published by the Book Club of California 1958-1993  San Francisco  1993  100/150 
127   Harlow, Neal  Maps and Surveys of the Pueblo Lands of Los Angeles  Los Angeles  1976  200/300 
128   Harlow, Neal  Maps of the Pueblo Lands of San Diego, 1602-1874  Los Angeles  1987  150/250 
129   Harte, Francis Bret  The Luck of Roaring Camp, and Other Sketches - with Autograph Letter signed "B.H."  Boston  1871  200/300 
130 (Hawaii)  **  [Biennial report of the Minister of the Interior to the Legislative Assembly of 1890] - wrapper title, not present on this copy  [Honolulu]  1890  300/500 
131 (Hawaii)  Crocker, Henry J.  Hawaiian Numerals: A Compilation of Unofficial Data Relating to the Type-Set Stamps of the Kingdom of Hawaii  San Francisco  1909  600/900 
132 (Hawaii)  [Ellis, William, et al.]  A Journal of a Tour Around Hawaii, the Largest of the Sandwich Islands. By a Deputation from the Mission on Those Islands  Boston  1825  400/600 
133 (Hawaii)  **  Hawaiian Club Papers  Boston  1868  500/800 
134 (Hawaii)  **  Thirteen watercolors of Hawaiian fishes  No place  No date  300/500 
135   Hayden, F[erdinand] V.  Geological Report of the Exploration of the Yellowstone and Missouri Rivers by Dr. F.V. Hayden, Assistant, Under the Direction of Captain (Now Lieut. Col. and Brevet Brig. Gen.) W.F. Raynolds, Corps of Engineers, 1859-'60  Washington  1869  500/800 
136   Hedren, Paul L.  First Scalp for Custer: The Skirmish at Warbonnet Creek, Nebraska, July 17, 1876, with a Short History of the Warbonnet Battlefield  Glendale, CA  1980  150/250 
137   Holley, Frances C.  Once Their Home or Our Legacy from the Dahkotahs: Historical, Biographical and Incidental from Far-Off Days, Down to the Present  Chicago  1891  100/150 
138   Hoover, Herbert  The Challenge to Liberty  New York  1934  150/250 
139   Hudson, Travis and Thomas C. Blackburn  The Material Culture of the Chumash Interaction Sphere - five volumes`  Los Altos, California  [1982-1987]  200/300 
140   Humphreys, Brigadier General A.A.  Preliminary Report Concerning Explorations and Surveys Principally in Nevada and Arizona  Washington  1872  300/500 
141   Hutchins, James S., editor  The Army and Navy Journal on the Battle of the Little Bighorn and Related Matters, 1876-1881  El Segundo, California  2003  100/150 
142   Hutton, Paul A., editor  Custer and His Times  [El Paso, TX]  1981  100/150 
143   James, George Wharton  The Wonders of The Colorado Desert (Southern California). Its Rivers and its Mountains...  Boston    200/300 
144 (Japanese Internment)  DeWitt, Lt. Gen. J.L.  Notice. Headquarters Western Defense Command and Fourth Army, Presidio of San Francisco, California, May 23, 1942. Civilian Exclusion Order No. 91  San Francisco  1942  500/800 
145   Jones, James Athearn  Traditions of the North American Indians: Being a Second and Revised Edition of "Tales of an Indian Camp"  London  1830  300/500 
146   Kane, Elisha Kent  Arctic Explorations: The Second Grinnell Expedition in Search of Sir John Franklin, 1853, '54, '55  Philadelphia  1856  300/500 
147 (Kern County – Rancho San Emidio)  **  Archive of documents relating to the Rancho San Emidio, originally in Santa Barbara County, now in Kern County, including an original deed of sale signed by John Charles Fremont  Various places  Various dates  2500/3500 
148 (Kern County - Rancho San Emidio)  **  Patent deed for Rancho San Emidio, originally in Santa Barbara County, now in Kern County, confirming claim of Francisco Dominguez and John Charles Fremont, with manuscript plat map  San Francisco  c.1862-[1866]  2500/3500 
149   King, Captain Charles  Indian Campaigns: Sketches of Cavalry Service in Arizona and on the Northern Plains  [Ft. Collins, CO]  [1984]  100/150 
150   King, Clarence  Systematic Geology  Washington  1878  400/600 
151   King, Jeff  Where the Two Came to Their Father: A Navajo War Ceremonial  New York  [1943]  1000/1500 
152   King, T[homas] Butler  Report of Hon. T. Butler King, on California - with a signed free frank from the author  Washington  1850  80/120 
153   King, W. Kent  Massacre: The Custer Cover-Up  El Segundo, California  1989  100/150 
154   Klemp, Egon, compiler & editor  America in Maps Dating from 1500 to 1856  New York  [1976]  200/300 
155   Koury, Michael J.  Arms for Texas: A Study of the Weapons of the Republic of Texas  [Ft. Collins]  [1973]  300/500 
156   Koury, Michael J., editor  Custer Centennial Observance, 1976  [Fort Collins, CO]  [1978]  300/500 
157   Koury, Michael J.  Diaries of the Little Big Horn  Bellevue, Nebraska  [1968]  250/350 
158   Koury, Michael J.  Military Posts of Montana  [Bellevue, NE]  [1970]  250/350 
159   Kraft, Louis  Custer and the Cheyennes: George Armstrong Custer's Winter Campaign on the Southern Plains  El Segundo, California  1995  100/150 
160   Krakel, Dean F.  The Saga of Tom Horn: The Story of a Cattlemen's War. With Personal Narratives, Newspaper Accounts and Official Documents and Testimonies  [Laramie, WY]  [1954]  400/600 
161   Kurutz, Gary F.  The California Gold Rush: A Descriptive Bibliography of Books and Pamphlets Covering the Years 1848-1853  San Francisco  1997  100/150 
162 (Land Grants)  **  Statement showing land grants made by Congress to aid in the construction of railroads, wagon roads, canals and internal improvements, together with data relative thereto - 2 editions  Washington  1888 & 1915  150/250 
163   Langford, Nathaniel Pitt  Diary of the Washburn Expedition to the Yellowstone and Firehole Rivers In the Year 1870  St. Paul, MN  [1905]  100/150 
164   [Letts, J. M.]  A Pictorial View of California; Including a Description of the Panama and Nicaragua Routes with Information and Advice Interesting to All, Particularly Those Who Intend to Visit the Golden Region. By a Returned Californian  New York  1853  200/300 
165 (Lewis & Clark Expedition)  Clark, William  The Field Notes of Captain William Clark 1803-1805  New Haven  1964  200/300 
166 (Lewis & Clark Expedition)  Moulton, Gary E., editor  Atlas of the Lewis & Clark Expedition  Lincoln  [1999]  300/500 
167 (Lewis & Clark Expedition)  Thwaites, Reuben Gold, editor  Original Journals of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, 1804-1806. Printed from the Original Manuscripts in the Library of the American Philosophical Society and by Direction of its committee on Historical Documents. Together with Manuscript material of Lewis and Clark from other Sources including Notebooks, Letters, Maps, etc. and the Journals of Charles Floyd and Joseph Whitehouse  New York  1959  200/300 
168 [Lincoln, Abraham]  **  The Campaign in Illinois. Last Joint Debate. Douglas and Lincoln at Alton, Illinois  Washington  1858  200/300 
169   Linderman, Frank B.  Kootenai Why Stories  New York  1926  200/300 
170 (Los Angeles County)  **  Abstract of the title to the Ranchos Sausal Redondo and La Centinela, and the tract of land known as the "Stuart Tract." All situated in Los Angeles County, and containing 25,000 acres (wrapper title)  [Los Angeles]  [1885]  100/150 
171 (Los Angeles County)  **  Abstract of title for land in Los Angeles County, California  Los Angeles  1890  250/350 
172 (Los Angeles County)  **  Abstract of title for land in Los Angeles with ms. maps  Los Angeles  1888  250/350 
173 (Los Angeles County)  Wittenburg, Sister Mary Ste. Thérèse  The Machados & Rancho La Ballona: The Story of the Land and its Ranchero José Agustín Antonio Machado. With a Genealogy of the Machado Family  Los Angeles  1973  100/150 
174   Luce, Edward S.  Keogh, Comanche and Custer  [St. Louis]  [1939]  300/500 
175 (MacArthur, Douglas)  **  Military Situation in the Far East: Hearings Before the Committee on Armed Services and the Committee on Foreign Relations  Washington  1951  150/250 
176   Magnussen, Daniel O., ed.  Peter Thompson's Narrative of the Little Bighorn Campaign 1876: A Critical Analysis of an Eyewitness Account of the Custer Debacle  Glendale, CA  1974  150/200 
177   Mangum, Neil C.  Battle of the Rosebud, Prelude to the Little Bighorn  El Segundo, California  1987  100/150 
178   Manion, John S.  General Terry's Last Statement to Custer: New Evidence on the Mary Adams Affidavit  El Segundo, California  2000  100/150 
179   Manly, William Lewis  Death Valley in '49: Important Chapter of California Pioneer History  San Jose  1894  200/300 
180   Marcy, Randolph B.  Exploration of the Red River of Louisiana in the Year 1852  Washington  1854  700/1000 
181 (Mariposa County)  Cushing, Caleb  The United States, ads. John C. Fremont, appellant, from District Court of the United States for the Northern District of California. Brief for the United States, C. Cushing, Attorney General  No place  1854  150/250 
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357   Maris, M. "Geologist"  Autograph Letter Signed - 1851 Virginia Negro Rebellion and Duel over Slavery  Danville, [Virginia]  June 9, 1851  250/350 
358   Castin, Miles  Autograph Letter Signed - 1852 "Too Many Freed Negroes" in North Carolina  Wilmington, North Carolina  Nov. 15, 1852  200/300 
359   McAllister, Richard  Autograph Letter Signed from Disgraced Pennsylvania "Slave Commissioner" Job-Hunting in Washington  U.S. Hotel, Washington, D.C.  March 11, 1853  150/250 
360   Graham, Walter C. / Anthony, Graham H.  1853 Auction of a Slave Child and Later Ku Klux Klan Cover-Up  [Shelby], North Carolina / [Hartford, Conn.?]  September 29, 1853 / December 28, 1917  300/500 
361   Pierce, Angelina D.  Autograph Letter Signed from a 1856 New York Woman in New Orleans, Sarcastic About Slavery  [New Orleans]  March 17, 1856  150/250 
362   Burwell, H.B.  Autograph Letter Signed - 1857 Virginia Slave Owner on Negro Rebellion  [Mecklenburg County, Virginia]  January 12, 1857  700/1000 
363 (Slavery and the Civil War)  **  Fourteen pamphlets regarding slavery and the Civil War  Various places  1860s [mostly]  300/500 
364 zzfaq(1860 Black Workers in Kentucky)  Anderson, A[dna]  Autograph Letter Signed - 1860 Future Union Army Railroad Chief Protects Black Workers in Kentucky  Edgefield and Kentucky Railroad Co., Nashville, Tennessee  December 24, 1860  250/350 
365   **  1861-64 Slave Caricatures on Civil War Patriotic Envelopes  New York / Philadelphia  [c.1861]  200/300 
366   Rendleman, A.H.  Autograph Letter Signed - 1863 Confederate Soldier Jokes About Sex with Slave Women  Camp 5th N. C. S. V., Iverson's Brigade New Guineas Station, Va.  June 8th 1863  800/1200 
367   Taggart, John H.  Free Military School for Applicants for Commands of Colored Troops  Philadelphia  1863  200/300 
368   Getchell, William H.  Autograph Letter Signed - 1863 Maine Union Soldier in Louisiana Blames War on Blacks  Baton Rouge, Louisiana  Feb. 7, 1863  200/300 
369 zzfas(1863 Officers of Black Regiments)  Clark, Colonel John S.  Two Autograph Letters Signed from 1863 Union Army Colonel in New Orleans on Incompetent Officers of Black Regiments  Headquarters, Department of the Gulf, New Orleans  Dec. 9 and 12, 1863  400/600 
370 zzfax(1866 Freed Slave Child in Boston)  Palfrey, John G.  Autograph Letter Signed - 1866 Lincoln's Boston Postmaster Helps Freed Slave Child  51 Bowdoin Street, [Boston]  Feb. 5, 1866  100/150 
371   Van Enrie, Horton & Co.  1868 America's First Racist Newspaper - Printed letter and subscription form for The New York Weekly Day-Book  New York  1868  150/250 
372   Richman, J. Scott  Autograph Letter Signed - 1868 Historic Court Decision Integrating Iowa Public Schools  Muscatine, Iowa  January 21, 1868  800/1200 
373 zzfaaa(1869 Fighting the Klan in Tennessee)  [Hunter, Rev. Leander]  Autograph Letter - 1869 Helping Blacks Fight the KKK in Tennessee  Palmetto, [Tennessee]  March 31, 1869  150/250 
374   Blatchford, Samuel  Autograph Letter Signed - 1871 Negro Joke by Future Supreme Court Justice  New York  December 22, 1871  400/600 
375 zzfbd(1875 A Buffalo Soldier in Texas)  Corbin, Capt. H[enry] and Sgt. Reuben E. Douglass  1875 Discharge of a Buffalo Soldier in Texas  Fort Brown, TX  Jan. 6, 1875  300/500 
376 (1872-75 San Francisco First Black Printer and Artist)  [Brown, Grafton Tyler]  Two stock certificates lithographed by G.T. Brown & Co.  San Francisco  1870s  200/300 
377 zzfbf(1877 A Radical Abolistionist)  Phillips, Wendell  Autograph Letter Signed - Praise for a Black Revolutionary that Inspired a Post-Slavery Generation  [Boston]  Oct., 15, 1877  200/300 
378   Packard, S[ophia]  Autograph Note Signed - 1880s 1st College for Black Women in America  [Atlanta, Georgia]  [c.1885]  100/150 
379 (1884 History of A.M.E. Zion Church in America)  Moore, John Jamison  History of the A.M.E. Zion Church, in America. Founded in 1769, in the City of New York  York, Pa.  1884  200/300 
380   Taylor, C.H.J. and J.W. Lyons  1887-1907 Black Political Elite After Frederick Douglass - Documents signed by 3 African Americans who, following in the footsteps of Frederick Douglass, received Presidential appointments to federal office after the Civil War  Washington D.C.  1896-1907  100/150 
381   Humphrey, Maud  1890 Sympathetic Black Art by Humphrey Bogart's Mother  [New York]  1890  200/300 
382 zzfbi(1891 Comparison of Blacks and Indians)  "Jesse"  Autograph Letter Signed "Jesse" - 1891 Oberlin Student Compares Oppression of Blacks & American Indians  Oberlin, Ohio  Feb. 16, 1891  150/250 
383   Appleton, John W.M.  Typed Letter Signed - 1892 Heroic "Glory" Officer Stoops to Racist Politics in West Virginia  Salt Sulphur Springs, West Virginia  November 6, 1892  200/300 
384 zzfbj(1892 Classic of Afro-American Folk Lore)  Christensen, A.M.H.  Afro-American Folk Lore: Told Round Cabin Fires on the Sea Islands of South Carolina  Boston  [c.1892]  300/500 
385 zzfbk(1894 Selma University)  Haldrum, Ruth  Autograph Letter Signed from 1894 Black Woman Teacher at Selma University, Alabama  Selma, Alabama  Nov. 24, 1894  150/250 
386   Wyatt, C.R., Attorney  Autograph Letter Signed - 1897 Rumors of Lynching in West Virginia  Huntington, West Virginia  April 29, 1897  100/150 
387   Fletcher, Richard Matthew, Jr.  1898 “Surgical Peculiarities of the Negro Race” in Alabama - article within Transactions of the Medical Association of the State of Alabama  Montogmery, AL  1898  100/150 
388 (1900 Tuskegee by Booker T. Washington's Ghostwriter)  Thrasher, Max Bennett  Tuskegee: Its Story and Its Work. With an Introduction by Booker T. Washington  Boston  1900  100/150 
389 (1900 Los Angeles High School Graduates 1st Black California Legislator)  **  Blue & White. Los Angeles High School [Year Book] - with Senior photograph of Frederick Roberts, the school's first black student (later the first California Black legislator)  Los Angeles  1902 [1900]  100/150 
390 (1900 Early Praise for W.E.B. du Bois' Writings)  **  "Light on the Negro Problem," - in Publications of the Southern History Association, Vol. IV, No. 4  Washington, D.C.  July, 1900  100/150 
391 (1904-15 Rare Documents of Kentucky Black Charitable Society)  (Union Benevolent Society of Kentucky)  By-Laws for the Government of State Financial Members, Union Benevolent Society (1904); and Minutes of the 31st, 32nd and 33rd, 34th and 35th, 36th, 37th, 38th, 39th, 40th and 41st Annual Conventions.  Mt. Sterling, Kentucky  1904-1915  300/500 
392 (1908 Inscribed "Plea of Negro Soldier", Only Black Poetry of Spanish-American War)  White, Corporal Charles Fred  Plea of the Negro Soldier and A Hundred Other Poems  Easthampton, Mass.  [1908]  300/500 
393 (Rare Memoir of US Colored Troops Company Commander)  Cain, Captain W.S.  Autobiography of Captain W.S. Cain: Biographical Sketches of Relatives, Reminiscences of 1861-1865  Topeka  1908  500/800 
394 zzfbo(1908 Senators Defend Dishonored Buffalo Soldiers of Brownsville, Texas)  [Foraker, Joseph and Morgan Bulkeley]  The Brownsville Affray. Senate Report No. 355  [Washington, D.C.]  March 11, 1908  300/500 
395 (1910 Black Senator in Segregated North Carolina)  Fuller, Thomas O[scar]  Twenty Years In Public Life, 1890-1910, North Carolina-Tennessee  Nashville, TN  1910  200/300 
396 (Black Scholar's Economic History of the Negro in Pennsylvania)  Wright, Richard R., Jr.  The Negro in Pennsylvania: An Economic History. A Thesis Submitted to the University of Pennsylvania…for the Degree of Ph.D.  [Philadelphia]  [1912]  200/300 
397 zzfbr(1913 W.E.B. Du Bois, NAACP and 50th Anniversary of Emancipation Proclamation)  Garrison, Francis J.  Typed Letter Signed - 1913 Abolitionist's Son Praises W.E.B. Du Bois and the NAACP  Boston  January 4, 1913  200/300 
398 (1913 Black Masonic Supplies from Missouri "Negro Firm")  The Love Regalia Co. (“A Negro Firm”)  Masonic Lodge Supplies / Catalogue No. 11  Kansas City, Mo.  [c.1913]  300/500 
399 zzfbs(1913 Harlem Club where Black Basketball was born)  **  Typed Letter Signed from the Secretary of the St. Christopher Club - 1913 Football Star and Black Sports Writer Leslie Pollard Joins St. Christopher Athletic Club in Harlem  New York, NY  January 14th, 1913  200/300 
400   Madden, Hon. Martin B[arnaby]  1915 "Injustice of African Exclusion" and "Protection of Negro Womanhood" - Two offprints of speeches by Illinois Congressman Martin B. Madden  Washington, D.C.  1915  150/250 
401 zzfbu(1915 Rare Student Magazine of the 1st Black Elite High School)  **  The Crimson and Black. Published Monthly by Pupils of the M Street High School  Washington, D.C.  March, 1915  200/300 
402 zzfbv(1915 High School Military Training for Future Black Army Officers)  **  The Crimson and Black. Published Monthly by Pupils of the M Street High School  Washington, D.C.  May, 1915  200/300 
403   **  1918 Black Answer to Racist Epic Film "Birth of a Nation" - Stock certificate for shares in the Birth of a Race Photoplay Corporation  Chicago  September 27, 1918  400/600 
404 (1919 First Black Women Workers in New York Sweat Shops)  Swarts, Nelle, and Rose Schneiderman, et. al.  A New Day for the Colored Woman Worker: A Study of Colored Women in Industry in New York City  New York  March 1, 1919  150/250 
405 (1919 Black Doctor's Tribute to African-American Heroes of World War I)  Lynk, M[iles] V.  The Negro Pictorial Review of the Great War: A Visual Narrative of the Negro’s Glorious Part in the World’s Greatest War  Memphis, TN  1919  150/250 
406 zzfby(1919 World War I Black Infantry Regimental History)  Bliss, Major Paul S.  Victory: History of the 805th Pioneer Infantry, American Expeditionary Forces  St. Paul, Minn.  1919  150/250 
407   Lewis, Edward, President; F.W. Dixon, Vice-President, et. al.  1920s Black Group Offers Reward for Arrest of "Lynchers"  Washington, D.C.  [c.1920s]  100/150 
408 (1922 History of African Americans in the Episcopal Church)  Bragg, George F.  History of the Afro-American Group of the Episcopal Church  Baltimore, MD  1922  150/250 
409   Johnson, James Weldon, editor  The Book of American Negro Spirituals  New York  1925  150/250 
410 (1927 Negro Historical Pageant in Los Angeles)  Graw, Mrs. Lillian J., written and directed by  "Out of the Past" An Historical Pageant of the Negro Race - printed program  Los Angeles, CA  August 2, 1927  150/250 
411 (1931 Seven Outstanding Black "Women Builders")  Daniel, Sadie Iola  Women Builders  Washington, D.C.  [1931]  300/500 
412   Campbell, E. Simms  1931-32 First Nationally Recognized Black Cartoonist - 4 issues of Judge Magazine with cover art by E. Simms Campbell    1931-1932  150/250 
413   **  Leaflet/small broadside - 1932 Father Divine in Prison    1932  150/250 
414 (1933 History of the National Association of Colored Women)  Davis, Elizabeth Lindsay, Chairman of the History Committee  Lifting as They Climb: Historical Record of the National Association of Colored Women  [Washington, D.C.]  [1933]  200/300 
415 (1934 Future Black Ambassador's French Text for "Colored Schools")  Cook, Mercer  Le Noir: Morceaux Choisis de Vingt-Neuf Francais Celebres  New York  [c.1934]  150/250 
416 zzfce(1934 First Broadway Play About the Scottsboro Boys)  **  1934 First Broadway Play About the Scottsboro Boys - original photographic still  New York  [1934]  100/150 
417 zzfcg(1936 Paul Robeson, Signed Russian Music from Moscow)  Blanter, Matvey, composer  Partizan Zheleznyak - 1936 Paul Robeson's Russian Music from Stalin's Moscow  Moscow  1936  250/350 
418   Campbell, E. Simms  1938-39 Black Cartoonist's First Black Themes - within the pages of Esquire magazine    1938-39  150/250 
419 zzfci(1940 Marian Anderson Inscribed Photo on Hawaiian Tour)  **  1940 Marian Anderson Tours Hawaii, Inscribed Photo    1940  300/500 
420 (1943 The Birth of C.O.R.E. - Protesting Red Cross Segregation of "Negro Blood" in World War II)  Committee of Racial Equality  The American Red Cross and Negro Blood - Background for Action Pamphlet No. 1  Chicago  [c.1943]  1000/1500 
421   **  Petition to Mayor Finerty and School Board - 1945 Gary, Indiana Fights Over School Integration  Gary, Indiana  [October, 1945]  150/250 
422   **  1945 First Nationally Prominent Black Architect - Group of works and materials containing architectural designs by California's first nationally acclaimed black architect, Paul Williams  Various places  1945-1953  150/250 
423 zzj(Art - African American)  Bearden, Romare  “The Negro Artist’s Dilemma” - essay within Critique: A Review Of Contemporary Art. Vol. 1, No. 2  New York  November, 1946  150/250 
424 (1947 Black Woman Civil Rights Pioneer Helped Integrate the U.S. Army)  (Alexander, Sadie M.)  To Secure These Rights: The Report of the President’s Committee on Civil Rights - inscribed by a black woman pioneer Sadie M. Alexander  Washington  1947  400/600 
425   (National Urban League)  Negro Heroes, No. 1 - 1947 First American Comic Book of Negro Heroes  New York  [c.April], 1947  300/500 
426 zzfct(1953 Billie Holliday on Drug Addiction)  Holliday, Billie  "Can a Dope Addict Come Back?" - in Tan (magazine)    February 1953  100/150 
427   Hughes, Langston  Typed Letter Signed - 1964 Poet Langston Hughes Aids New Harlem Dance Troupe  New York  August 15, 1964  400/600 
428 zzfcv(1966 Adam Clayton Powell's Harlem Vision)  Powell, Adam Clayton  Typed Letter Signed as US Congressman  Washington, D.C.  August 3, 1966  300/500 
429 (1972 First Black Woman Member of Congress and Presidential Candidate)  Chisholm, Shirley  Unbought and Unbossed - signed book, plus signed photograph of Shirley Chisholm  Boston  1970  400/600 
430   **  Who's Uptown: Harlem '87 - 1988 Harlem Art Exhibition Catalogue Signed by 24 Black Artists  [New York]  March, 11 - April 16, 1988  150/250 
431 (1990 Jacob Lawrence Art for NAACP Legal Fund Anniversary)  **  Program booklet for "Victories of Principle," a Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund - featuring cover art by Jacob Lawrence  Carnegie Hall, New York City,  January 23, 1990  100/150 
432 zzf(Atlas)  Moll, Herman  A Set of Fifty New and Correct Maps of England and Wales, &c. With the Great Roads and Principal Cross-Roads &c. Shewing the Computed Miles from Town to Town. A Work long wanted, and very useful for all Gentlemen that Travel to any Part of England...  London  1724  3000/5000 
433 zzh(Atlas)  **  Philips' Handy General Atlas of the World  London  1874  300/500 
434 zzf  Adams, Sebastian C.  A Chronological Chart of Ancient, Modern and Biblical History. Synchronized by Sebastian C. Adams, Salem, Oregon  Chicago  1878  1000/1500 
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517 zzf(New England)  Speed, John  A Map of New England and New York  London  [1676]  2000/3000 
518 zzf(New Mexico)  U.S. State Surveys  Sketch of Public Surveys in New Mexico  New Mexico  1860  100/150 
519 zzf(New York City)  Colton, J.H.  Colton's Map of New York and the Adjacent Cities  New York  1855  150/250 
520 zzf(New York)  Colton, J.H.  Colton's New York  New York  1858  100/150 
521 zzf(North America)  [Bellin, Jacques Nicolas]  Two 18th century maps of North America by Bellin    [c.1753 and 1757]  150/250 
522 zzf(North America)  De Vaugondy, Robert  Amérique Septentrionale dressée, sur les Relations les plus modernes des Voyageurs et Navigateurs, et divisée suivant les differentes possessions des Européens  Paris  1750  400/600 
523 zzj(North America)  Mallet, Alain Manesson  Amerique Septentrionale  Paris  1684  150/250 
524 zzj(North Pacific)  Ortelius, Abraham  Tartariae sive magni Chami regni typus  [Antwerp]  1588  100/150 
525 zzf(Northern Pacific Railroad)  **  Map of the Northern Pacific R.R. its Connections and Tributary Country  No place  c.1883  300/500 
526 zzf(Oregon)  General Land Office  State of Oregon  [Washington, D.C.]  1884  150/250 
527 zzf(Pacific Ocean)  Tallis, John  Polynesia, or Islands in the Pacific Ocean  London  c.1851  100/150 
528 zzf(Pennsylvania, New Jersey, etc.)  [Romans, Bernard]  A Chorographical Map, of the Country, round Philadelphia / Carte Particuliere, des Environs de Philadelphie  Amsterdam  [1778?]  1000/1500 
529 zzf(Pennsylvania - Philadelphia)  Baist, George William  Baist's Map of Philadelphia and Environs  Philadelphia  1889  300/500 
530 zzf(Pennsylvania - Philadelphia)  Baist, George William  Driving Series Section A of Baist's Map of Philadelphia and Environs from Actual Surveys and Official Records  Philadelphia  1890  200/300 
531 zzf(Planisphere)  **  A Physical Planisphere wherein are represented all the known Lands and Seas wth. the Great Chains of Mountains wch. traverse the Globe from the North Pole. Adapted to Monsr: Buache's Memoire Read at the R. Academy of Sciences    [1757]  150/250 
532 zzf(Russia)  **  Seven maps of Russia    Mostly mid 19th century  200/300 
533 zzf(South Carolina)  Ramsay, David  Caroline Meridionale, avec les Parties adjacentes: pour servir a l’Intelligence des mouvemens des armees Americaines et Britanniques  London & Paris  1787  500/800 
534 zzf(South Carolina)  Ramsay, David  Esquisse des Operations du Siege de Charleston, Capitole de la Caroline Meridionale, en 1780  London & Paris  1787  300/500 
535 zzf(South Carolina)  Ramsay, David  Plan du Havre de Charleston, Montrant la Disposition de la Flotte Britannique...  London & Paris  1787  200/300 
536 zzf  Sowerby, James  English Botany; or, Coloured Figures of British Plants, with their Essential Characters, Synonyms, and Places of Growth - over 120 hand-colored engraved plates from the book, plus much of the accompanying text  London  1795-1810  400/600 
537 zzf(Spain)  Blaeu, Willem  Navarra Regnum  Amsterdam  c.1640  400/600 
538 zzf(Sweden)  Blaeu, Willem  Gothia  Amsterdam  c.1640  700/1000 
539 zzf(Switzerland)  De l'Isle, Guillaume  Nova Helvetiae, Foederatarumque cum ea, nec non Subditarum Regionum Tabula...  Amsterdam  c.1730  250/350 
540 zzf(Texas)  Jefferys, Thomas  The Western Coast of Louisiana and the Coast of New Leon  London  1775  2000/3000 
541 zzf(Turkey)  **  Smirna - engraved view    [1732]  100/150 
542 zzf  Turner, Joseph Mallord William  The Turner Gallery - ninety-five engravings  New York  [c.1875]  300/500 
543 zzf(U.S. Coast Survey)  **  Collection of maps from the U.S. Coast Survey - approximately 42 maps  Washington  1851-52  300/500 
544 zzf(United States)  Anonymous  Map of the United States Drawn from the most approved Surveys  No place  1825  1500/2500 
545 zzf(United States)  Atwood, J[ohn] M.  Map of the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America, and the West India Islands with a Portion of Venezuela & New Granada; Showing the Routes Overland and by the Isthmus to California & Oregon, Also the New Boundaries of California, Utah, & New Mexico. Compiled from the Latest Authorities, Engraved & Published By J. M. Atwood, No. 19 Beekman Street, New York. 1851  New York  1851  4000/6000 
546 zzf(United States)  Burr, David H.  Map of the United States Exhibiting the Several Collection Districts  New York  [1854]  200/300 
547 zzf(United States)  **  Sixteen maps of cities, states and counties of the United States of America    Mostly mid to late 19th century  200/300 
548 zzf(United States)  United States General Land Office  Map of the United States and Territories. Shewing the Extent of Public Surveys and other Details... under the Direction of Joseph S. Wilson, Commissioner  Washington  1866  400/700 
549 zzf(United States - Southwest)  Johnson & Ward  Johnson's California, with Territories of Utah, Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona  [New York]  1864  150/250 
550 zzf(United States - West Coast)  **  The Aristocrat, Inc.: Canada, Vancouver B.C., Seattle, Portland, Sacramento, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Tia juana, Mexico  Portland, OR  1931  600/900 
551 zzf(United States - West)  Preuss, Charles  Topographical Map of the Road from Missouri to Oregon, Commencing at the Mouth of the Kansas in the Missouri River and Ending at the Mouth of the Wallah Wallah in the Columbia, In VII Sections.... From the field notes and journal Capt. J.C. Frémont, and from sketches and notes made on the ground by his assistant Charles Preuss  Washington  1849  3000/5000 
552 zzf(Various)  **  Lot of eight engraved maps of various regions, mostly from the 18th century    Mostly 18th century  200/300 
553 zzf(Various)  **  WITHDRAWN Nineteen maps published by Fisher, Son & Co.  London  1829-1833  200/300 
554 zzf(Virginia)  Finley, Anthony  Virginia  Philadelphia  c.1825  500/800 
555 zzf(Virginia)  Ramsay, David  Plan du Siege d'York et de Gloucester, par les Armees Alliees en Septembre et Octobre 1781  London & Paris  1787  400/600 
556 zzf(World)  De Vaugondy, Robert  Orbis Vetus in utraque Continente juxta Mentem Sansonianam Distinctus, nec non Observationibus Astronomicis Redactus...  Paris  1752  600/900 
557 zzf(World)  Homann Heirs  Planiglobii Terrestris Mappa Universalis utrumque Hemisphaerium Orient et Occidentale Repraesentans ex IV. Mappis Generalibus ... / Mappe-Monde qui Represente les Deux Hemispheres Savoir celui de l'Orient et celui de l'Occident  Nuremberg  1746  1500/2500 
558 zzf(World)  Munster, Sebastian  Typus Universalis  Basle  1540-[1548]  800/1200 
559 zzf(World - Globe)  **  "Geographia" 8 inch Terrestrial Globe  London  c.1920  500/800 
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