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Items in Sale # 452 Fine Americana with Travel & Exploration, Cartography & Cruise Ship Memorabilia Date: 04/21/2011
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Section I: Fine Americana: Books, Photographs & Ephemera, Lots 1-103
Section II: Mexico & Central Americana, Lots 104-155
Section III: Travel & Exploration, Lots 156-183
Section IV: Cruise Ship Memorabilia – The Collection of the late Theodore Marcollo, Part Two, Lots 184-244
Section V: Maps, Prints & Views, Lots 245-372

The Cruise Ship Memorabilia in this auction is from the Collection of the late Theodore Marcollo, and is sold for the benefit of the Friends of the San Francisco Public Library

  Lot # Heading Author Title Place Date Estimate
1 (American Songster)  **  The American Songster; Being a Collection of the Most Popular, Patriotic, Naval, Military, and Sentimental American Songs  New York  [c. 1850]  200/300 
2 (Americana Reference)  **  Large group of bibliographies and books about books, mostly Americana  Various places  Various dates  200/300 
3 (Automobiles)  **  Nineteen photographs of vintage automobiles in the San Francisco Bay Area  San Francisco  c.1920s  400/600 
4 (Automobiles)  **  Saxon Days (wrapper title)  Detroit, MI  1915  150/250 
5 (Automobiles)  **  20,800 miles in 100 days by a Chalmers Detroit "30" (wrapper title)  Detroit, MI  1909  300/500 
6   Blum, George W.  The Cyclers' Guide and Road Book of California: Containing Map of California in relief with principal Roads, Seven Sectional Maps showing all available Roads for Cyclers from Chico to San Diego, and a Map of Golden Gate Park 1896  San Francisco  1896 [copyright 1895]  400/600 
7 (Borein, Edward)  Galvin, John  The Etchings of Edward Borein: A Catalogue of his Work  San Francisco  1971  100/150 
8   Brandes, Ray, editor  Troopers West: Military & Indian Affairs on the American Frontier  San Diego  1970  300/500 
9   Bray, Thomas  Bibliotheca Parochialis, &c. Or a Scheme of Such Theological and Other Heads, as Seem Requisite to be Perus'd, or Occasionally Consulted, by the Reverend Clergy. Together with the Books Which may be Profitably Read on Each of Those Points, in Order to Promote the Forming and Erecting of Libraries...  London  1707  300/500 
10   Browne, J. Ross  Resources of the Pacific Slope: A Statistical and Descriptive Summary of the Mines and Minerals, Climate, Topography, Agriculture, Commerce, Manufactures, and Miscellaneous Productions, of the States and Territories West of the Rocky Mountains. With a Sketch of the Settlement and Exploration of Lower California  New York  1869  100/150 
11 (California)  **  Leyes de California, Aprobadas en la Octava Sesion de la Legislatura  Sacramento  1857  100/150 
12 (California - Midwinter Fair)  **  Six ephemeral items relating to the California Midwinter International Exposition held at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco  San Francisco  1893-4  500/800 
13 (California - P.P.I.E.)  **  A view book and a participant's badge for the Panama-Pacific International Exposition in San Francisco  San Francisco  1915  200/300 
14 (California)  **  Scrapbook of crime related newspaper clippings from Chico, California in the 1920s  Chico, CA  1920s  400/600 
15   Canton, Frank M.  Frontier Trails: The Autobiography of Frank M. Canton  Boston  1930  200/300 
16   Capron, E[lisha] S.  History of California, from Its Discovery to the Present Time; Comprising also a Full Description of its Climate, Surface, Soil...with a Journal of the Voyage from New York, via Nicaragua, to San Francisco, and Back, via Panama  Boston  [1854]  200/300 
17   Catlin, George  Last Rambles Amongst The Indians of the Rocky Mountains and the Andes  London  1868  300/500 
18   Chateaubriand, F.A. de  Recollections of Italy, England and America, With Essays on Various Subjects, in Morals and Literature  London  1815  200/300 
19 (Chinese)  McNiel, Stanley F.  Original watercolor of a Chinese man, standing, holding an opium pipe  San Francisco or New York  c.1915  600/900 
20 (Chinese)  **  Small archive relating to the emigration of the Chinese Low Dong, who was denied permission to land at Angel Island and join his father, an American citizen  Variuos places  1920  200/300 
21 (Civil War)  "Danny"  Eleven Autograph Letters signed "Danny", serving aboard the U.S.S. Jacob Bill, to his lady friend Mary, with stamped envelopes  Aboard U.S.S. Jacob Bill  1862-1864  300/500 
22 (Civil War Diary)  Tuthill, Charles E.  Diary kept by Charles Tuthill in 1865 containing daily events and reminiscences of wartime events  Waverly, New York  1865  1200/1800 
23 (Civil War)  Harrison, William Henry  Two letters from William Henry Harrison relating to his service in the Civil War, and one from his father after he was captured by the Confederate forces  Philadelphia  1864-1877  200/300 
24 (Civil War)  **  Print of the "Rebel Steam Ram Atlanta"  Philadelphia  1863  400/600 
25 (Civil War)  Sacket, Delos B.  Two Autograph Letters Signed by Bvt. Major General Delos B. Sacket, to General Theophilus F. Rodenbough  Philadelphia & Cape Vincent  1873 & 1876  200/300 
26 (Colorado - Cripple Creek)  **  Program of the Trans-Mississippi Commercial Congress, Cripple Creek, Colorado, July 16, 17, 18, 19, 1901  Cripple Creek, CO  1901  800/1200 
27 (Constitution)  **  Die Constitution der Bereinigten Staaten von America  Reading, (Penn.)  [c. 1823]  200/300 
28   Dana, Richard Henry  Two Years Before the Mast: A Personal Narrative of Life at Sea  New York  [1840, but c. 1843]  200/300 
29   David, Robert M.  Malcolm Campbell, Sheriff: The Reminiscences of the Greatest Frontier Sheriff in the History of the Platte Valley, and of the Famous Johnson County Invasion of 1892  Casper  [1932]  200/300 
30   Davis, Ellis A.  Davis' Commercial Encyclopedia of the Pacific Southwest: California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona  Berkeley  [1911]  200/300 
31 WITHDRAWN (Declaration of Independence)  **  WITHDRAWN The Pennsylvania Gazette, July 3, 1776 - First mention in print of the vote to declare independence  Philadelphia  July 3, 1776  2000/3000 
32   Doten, Alfred  The Journals of Alfred Doten 1849-1903  Reno  1973  100/150 
33 (Douglass, Frederick)  **  Dedication card for the monument at Douglass Park in Rochester, New York  Rochester, NY  c.1899  300/500 
34   Emory, Lieut. Col. W[illiam] H.  Notes of a Military Reconnaissance, from Fort Leavenworth, in Missouri, to San Diego, in California, Including Part of the Arkansas, Del Norte, and Gila Rivers  Washington  1848  500/800 
35   Fernandez de Navarrete, Martin  A Spanish Voyage to Vancouver and the North-West Coast of America. Being the Narrative of the Voyage Made in the Year 1792 by the Schooners Sutil and Mexicana to Explore the Strait of Fuca  London  1930  200/300 
36   Fillmore, Millard  Hudson & Berkshire Railroad Co. Bond, signed by Millard Fillmore as Comptroller of New York State  New York  1848  500/800 
37   Foss, Daniel  A Journal of the Shipwreck and Sufferings of Daniel Foss, [A Native of Elkton, Maryland.] Who was the only person saved from on board the brig Negociator[sic], of Philadelphia, which foundered in the Pacific Ocean, in the 26th Nov. 1809 - and who lived five years on a small barren Island - during which time he subsisted on Seals, and never saw the face of any human creature  Boston  1816  700/1000 
38   Frost, Max and Paul A.F. Walter  The Land of Sunshine: A Handbook of the Resources, Products, Industries and Climate of New Mexico  Santa Fe, N.M.  1906  80/120 
39   Gass, Patrick  Journal of the Voyages and Travels of a Corps of Discovery under the Command of Capt. Lewis and Capt. Clarke of the Army of the United States, from the Mouth of the River Missouri through the Interior Parts of North America to the Pacific Ocean During the Years 1804, 1805 & 1806...  Philadelphia  1812  700/1000 
40   Harris, Louisa  Behind the Scenes; Or Nine Years at the Four Courts of Saint Louis  St. Louis  1893  200/300 
41   Harte, Francis Bret  The Luck of Roaring Camp, and Other Sketches  Boston  1870  100/150 
42 (Hawaii)  **  Honolulu and Island of Oahu Telephone Directory, November, 1921  Honolulu  1921  400/600 
43   Hebard, Grace Raymond  Washakie: An account of Indian resistance of the Covered Wagon and Union Pacific Railroad Invasion of their territory  Cleveland  1930  200/300 
44 (Jonestown)  **  A Feeling of Freedom: A collection of photographs & comments about the community of Jonestown by residents and visitors at the Peoples Temple Agricultural/Medical Project in Guyana, South America  [San Francisco]  [1978]  300/500 
45 (Kennedy Onassis, Jacqueline)  **  Five books from the library of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, with auction ephemera  Various places  Various dates  300/500 
46   King, Martin Luther, Jr.  The Papers of Martin Luther King, Jr. Volume I  Berkeley  [1992]  100/150 
47   Lee, Chauncey  The American Accomptant; Being a Plain Practical and Systematic Compendium of Federal Arithmetic  Lansingburgh  1797  300/500 
48 (Levi Strauss & Co.)  **  Color lithograph advertising brochure in the shape of a pair of blue jeans  San Francisco  [c. 1915]  200/300 
49   Levy, Daniel  Les Francais en Californie  San Francisco  1884  200/300 
50   Lewis, Oscar  Lola Montez, The Mid-Victorian Bad Girl in California  San Francisco  1938  100/150 
51 (Lincoln, Abraham)  Smith, David A.  Autograph Letter Signed by David A. Smith, referring to his colleague Abraham Lincoln in an 1851 legal case  Springfield, IL  Feb. 7, 1851  300/500 
52 (Lincoln, Abraham)  **  Bound volume of General Orders from 1865 including several relating to the death of President Abraham Lincoln  Washington  1865  1000/1500 
53 (Los Angeles)  **  Early stereoview of downtown Los Angeles  [Los Angeles]  [c. 1880s]  200/300 
54 (Los Angeles)  Wilkinson, Thomas  Learn to Swim: A Practical Booklet on Swimming  Los Angeles  1920  200/300 
55 (Louisiana Territory)  **  Manuscript Document certifying the election of five Trustees for the town of St. Genevieve in Upper Louisiana Territory, now Missouri  St. Genevieve, Upper Louisiana Territory  Aug. 1, 1810  600/900 
56 (Miners Union Ribbon)  **  Silk ribbon of the Tuscarora Miners Union No. 31, Tuscarora, Nev.  Denver, CO  1899  500/800 
57   Mirabeau, [Honoré Gabriel Riquetti]Count de  Consideration on the Order of Cincinnatus; To Which are Added, As Well Several Original Papers Relative the That Institution, as also a Letter from the late M. Turgot, Comptroller of the Finances in France, to Dr. Price, on the Constitutions of America; and an Abstract of Dr. Price's Observations on the Importance of the American Revolution; With Notes and Reflections Upon That Work  London  1785  500/800 
58 (Mooney, Tom)  **  Two envelopes from the Tom Mooney Molders Defense Committee  San Francisco  1934  200/300 
59 (Native Americans)  Rinhart, F.A.  Eight color prints of Native Americans by F.A. Rinehart  Omaha  1900  200/300 
60 (New York - Election Returns)  **  Statement of the Elections in New York in 1832 & 1834  New York  1834  200/300 
61 (New York)  Program for the ceremonies at the laying of the cornerstone for the New York Produce Exchange, June 6, 1882, with attached ribbon  New York  1882  200/300 
62   Newhall, Charles L.  The Adventures of Jack; Or, A Life on the Wave  Southbridge  1859  300/500 
63   Nursey, Walter R.  The Menominee Iron Range. Its Cities: Their Industries and Resources  [Milwaukee]  1891  400/600 
64 (Ogden, H.A., illustrator)  Nelson, Henry Loomis  The Army of the United States  New York  [1889-1901]  700/1000 
65 (Oregon Trail Diary)  Willson, William  A Journal of a tour across the country from Kanesville, Iowa to Oregon City by Wm. Willson in 1852  On the Oregon Trail  1852  15000/25000 
66   [Pazos Kanki, Vicente]  Compendio de la Historia de los Estados Unidos de America  Paris  1825  100/150 
67 (Philadelphia)  Smith, Wm., publisher  Death of George Shifler in Kensington - Colored lithograph  Philadelphia  1844  300/500 
68 (Photograph - Calgary Panorama)  **  Panorama photograph of Calgary, Alberta, Canada  Calgary  c.1910  300/500 
69 (Photograph - Chinatown)  Ma'ys Photo Studio  Gelatin silver photograph of the San Francisco building housing the Hop Sing Tong  San Francisco  c.1925?  600/900 
70 (Photograph - Chinese Boy Scout)  **  Gelatin silver photograph of a young Chinese in a Boy Scout Uniform  San Francisco  c.1920s  200/300 
71 (Photograph - Fire Trucks)  **  Vintage photograph of an early New York City fire engine  No place  [c. 1900]  100/150 
72 (Photograph - Pinkerton's)  Waterman, C.E.  Original Photograph of a Group of Uniformed Pinkerton Police at Manhattan Beach, New York  Brooklyn, NY  1879  100/150 
73 (Photograph - San Francisco Earthquake Panorama)  Waters, R.J. & Co.  The Burning City - San Francisco, 10 a.m. April 18 1906  San Francisco  1906  400/600 
74 (Photograph - Texas-Mexico Border)  **  Circuit-camera panoramic photograph of the Rio Grande, Brownsville, Fort Brown, and Matamoros    [c.1915]  300/500 
75 (Photographs - Alaska Gold Rush)  **  Five stereo views of scenes from the Alaska Gold Rush  Meadville, PA  1898  300/500 
76 (Photographs - Filipino Federation of America)  **  Photograph archive of the Los Angeles meeting of the Filipino Federation of America  Los Angeles and Santa Maria, California  1928-29  150/250 
77 (Photographs - Long Beach Earthquake)  Foell, William J.  Views of the Earthquake, Long Beach California, Friday, March 10th, 1933. At 5:55 p.m. Taken by Mr. & Mrs. Wm. J. Foell, 126 Orange Avenue, Long Beach, California  Long Beach, CA  1933  500/800 
78 (Postal History)  **  Collection of works on U.S. Postal History  Various places  Various dates  300/500 
79   Putnam, Bayard T.  Archive of letters, photographs and other material relating to Bayard T. Putnam, his family & heirs, including his patented Chart-Holder and Course Indicator  Various places  c.1875-1935  800/1200 
80   Read, Benjamin M.  Illustrated History of New Mexico  [Santa Fe, NM]  1912  300/500 
81   Rome, Richardson & Clem Yore  High Country, An Artist's Colorado  [Kansas City, MO]  1933  200/300 
82   Roosevelt, Theodore  Typed Letter Signed by Theodore Roosevelt, to Mrs. Bayard T. (Grace) Putnam  Washington  May 24, 1897  1000/1500 
83   Russell, Robert  North America: Its Agriculture and Climate, Containing Observations on the Agriculture and Climate of Canada, The United States, and the Island of Cuba  Edinburgh  1858  100/150 
84   Saint-Georges, Henri & Adolphe de Leuven  Jaguarita l'Indienne / Jaguarita The Indian Queen  New Orleans  1858  200/300 
85   San Diego Federal Writers' Project  San Diego, A California City  San Diego  1937  200/300 
86 (San Diego)  Gunn, Douglas  Picturesque San Diego, With Historical and Descriptive Notes  Chicago  1887  200/300 
87 (San Diego)  [Van Dyke, Theodore Strong]  The City and County of San Diego. Illustrated, and Containing Biographical Sketches of Prominent Men and Pioneers  San Diego  1888  200/300 
88 (California - San Diego)  **  San Diego (California) City Directory, 1932  San Diego  1932  100/150 
89 (San Diego)  **  Group of San Diego promotional ephemera  Various places  Various dates  400/600 
90 (Santa Fe Trail)  Billon, C[harles] P[ierre]  Autograph Letter Signed by C.P. Billon, to Richard Cromwell, describing a planned trading venture along the Santa Fe Trail to New Mexico  St. Louis, MO  July 21, 1831  1200/1800 
91   Sheridan, P.H.  Personal Memoirs of P.H. Sheridan, General United States Army  New York  1888  300/500 
92   [Stone, John A.]  Put's Original California Songster  San Francisco  1868  200/300 
93 (Streeter, Thomas W.)  **  Americana-Beginnings: A Selection from the Library of Thomas W. Streeter Shown in Honor of a Visit of the Hroswitha Club on May 3, 1951  Morristown, New Jersey  1952  200/300 
94 (Streeter, Thomas W.)  **  The Celebrated Collection of Americana Formed by the Late Thomas Winthrop Streeter  New York  1966-1970  200/300 
95 (Telephones)  **  A booklet and three ephemeral items relating to telephones  Various places  Various dates  400/600 
96 (Texas)  Payno, Manuel  Bosquejo Biografico de los Generales Iturbide y Teran  Mexico  1843  200/300 
97 (Texas)  **  Scrip for "One Labor" of land from the Galveston Bay & Texas Land Company  New York  1830  300/500 
98   Tinkham, George H.  A History of Stockton from Its Organization up to the Present Time, Including a Sketch of San Joaquin County, Comprising a History of the Government, Politics, State of Society, Religion, Fire Department, Commerce, Secret Societies, Art, Science, Manufacturers, Agricuture [sic] and Miscellaneous Events within the Past 30 Years  San Francisco  1880  200/300 
99   Tome, Philip  Pioneer Life; Or, Thirty Years a Hunter. Being Scenes and Adventures in the Life of Philip Tome  Buffalo  1854  1000/1500 
100 (Trade Catalogue)  **  Italian Frame Co. Inc. 303, Fourth Avenue New York City. Telephone: Gramercy 1895  Bergamo, Italy  c.1900  200/300 
101   Twain, Mark  Life on the Mississippi  Boston  1883  600/900 
102   Warner, Juan José; Benjamin Hayes and J.P. Widney  An Historical Sketch of Las Angeles County, California  Los Angeles  1876  400/600 
103 (Washington)  Hunt, Herbert and Floyd C. Kaylor  Washington West of the Cascades  Chicago  1917  200/300 
104 zzb  Aguirre, Manuel Benito  Los Niños Pintados por Ellos Mismos, Obra Arreglada al Español  Mexico  1843  400/600 
105 zzb  Almaraz, Ramon  Memoria Acerca de los Terrenos de Metlaltoyuca  Mexico  1866  200/300 
106 zzb  Alvarez, Jose J. & Rafael Duran  Itinerarios y Derroteros de la Republica Mexicana  Mexico  1856  400/600 
107   [Arista, Mariano]  Discurso Pronunciado por el Escmo. Sr. Presidente de los Estados-Unidos Mexicanos, en la Apertura de las Sesiones Ordinarias del Congreso General, El dia 1a de Enero de 1852, y Contestacion de Sr. Peesidente[sic] de la Camara de Diputados  Mexico  1852  100/150 
108 zzb  Bullock, William  Le Mexique en 1823 ou Relation d'un Voyage dans la Nouvelle-Espagne, Contenant des Notions Exactes et peu Connues sur la Situation Physique, Morale et Politique de ce Pays  Paris  1824  500/800 
109 zzb  Bustamante, Carlos Maria  Mañanas de la Alameda de Mexico Publicalas Para Facilitar a las Señoritas el Estudio de la Historua de su Pais  Mexico  1835  300/500 
110   [Camacho, Simon]  Cosas de los Estados Unidos, por Nazareno  Nueva York  1864  100/150 
111 zzb  Castro, C[asmiro], et al  Mexico y Sus Alrededores. Coleccion de Monumentos, Trajes y Paisajes Dibujados al Natural y Lithografiados por los Artistas Mexicanos C. Castro, J. Campillo, L. Auda y G. Rodriguez, Bajo la Direccion de Decaen  Mexico  1855 y 1856  8000/12000 
112 zzb  Combier, C[yprien]  Voyage au Golfe de Californie Grands Courants de a Mer...Description de la Sonora et de ses Richesses Minerales. De la Basse Californie, ses Volcans, ses Produits...  Paris  [1864]  300/500 
113 (Cuba)  Aguilara y Zayas, G[abriel]  A Los Habitantes de Calabazar, Ceja de Pablo Quemado de Giiines[sic] y Rancho Veloz  [Cuba]  1878  100/150 
114 (Cuba)  **  Regulations of the Customhouses in the Island of Cuba  [Havana, Cuba]  [1850s]  100/150 
115 zzb(Cuba)  Torre, Jose Maria de la  Lo Que Fuimos y lo Que Somos o la Habana Antigua y Moderna  Habana  1857  400/600 
116   De Bussierre, Th.  L'Empire Mexicain: Histoire des Tolteques, des Chichimeques, des Azteques et de la Conquete Espagnole  Paris  1863  100/150 
117 zzb(Diaz, Porfirio)  Buyse, Omer  Methodes Americaines d'Education Generale et Technique - Signed by Mexican President Porfirio Diaz  [Charleroi, France]  1908  200/300 
118 zzb  [Elliott, O.H.]  Illustrated Book of Objects in English and Spanish  San Luis Potosi, Mexico [but probably New York]  [1883]  200/300 
119 zzb  [Estrada, Francisco]  El Pregunton al Amigo de la Patria y Centinela Contra Insurgentes [Caption Title]  [Mexico]  [1812]  200/300 
120 zzb  Fernandez, Justino  Tomas de Suria y su Viaje con Malaspina, 1791  Mexico  1939  200/300 
121 (Fortune Telling)  **  Reglas Para Tirar la Baraja Mexicana [cover title]  Mexico  [c. 1900]  150/250 
122 zzb  Foster, Kate McCrea  Fifty Designs for Mexican Drawn Work with Directions for Working - With a vintage example  Boston  [c. 1889]  200/300 
123 zzb(Gift Book)  **  Presente a las Damas  Filadelfia  1829  200/300 
124 zzb  Hamilton, Leonidas Le Cenci.  Hamilton's Mexican Handbook; A Complete Description of the Republic of Mexico  Boston  1883  200/300 
125 zzb  Hardy, R[obert] W[illiam] [Hale]  Travels in the Interior of Mexico, in 1825, 1826, 1827, & 1828  London  1829  800/1200 
126 zzb  Martinez, D. Gregorio  Arte de Aprender y Jugar el Noble Juego del Villar  Malaga  1864  300/500 
127 (Mexican American War)  **  Bound volume of General Orders, 1846-1848, most relating to the Mexican American War  Washington  1846-1848  300/500 
128 (Mexican Americans)  **  Six printed dance invitations and other ephemera relating to various Mexican mutual aid organizations in California  Colton, CA  1902-07  100/150 
129 zzb(Mexican Cookery)  Beaivilliers, A.B., M.A. Careme, et al  Nuevo Cocinero Mejicano en Forma de Diccionario  Paris & Mexico  1858  400/600 
130 zzb(Mexican Cookery)  Brillat-Savarin, Jean Anthelme  Fisiolgia del Gusto  Mexico  1852  400/600 
131 zzb(Mexican Cookery)  **  La Coninera Poblana o el Libro de las Familias  Mexico  1913  200/300 
132 zzb(Mexican Cookery)  Posada, Jose Guadalupe  La Cocina en el Bolsillo [Numbers 1,2,3 & 4]. Coleccion de Recetas Para la Economia Domestica  Mexico  1913  400/600 
133 zzb(Mexico)  **  A Maria Santisima de Guadalupe. Soneto.  [Mexico]  [c. 1830]  200/300 
134 zzb(Mexico)  Baillie, James S.  Battle of Monterey. The Americans Forcing Their Way to the Main Plaza, September 23rd, 1846  New York  [c. 1846]  300/500 
135 zzb(Mexico)  **  Calendario Civico Mexicano, 1930  Mexico  [1929]  300/500 
136 zzb(Mexico)  **  Codigo Civil del Imperio Mexicano  Mexico  1866  200/300 
137 zzb(Mexico)  Gonzalez, Bocanegra [with] Francisco & Jaime Nuno  Himno Nacional Mexicano  Mexico  [1870s?]  200/300 
138 (Mexico)  Hardy, R[obert] W[illiam] [Hale]  Travels in the Interior of Mexico, in 1825, 1826, 1827, & 1828  London  1829  500/800 
139 zzb(Mexico)  [Juarez, Benito]  Manuscript document concerning title to the La Purisima Mine in Oaxaca, signed twice by Benito Juarez  Oaxaca, Mexico  1848  200/300 
140 zzb(Mexico)  [Juarez, Benito]  Manuscript documents concerning legal title to mines in Oaxaca, Signed by Benito Juarez 11 Separate times  Oaxaca, Mexico  1849-51  200/300 
141 zzb(Mexico)  **  Manuscript document in Spanish mortgaging a female slave to pay a debt  Jacona, Michoacan  1644  200/300 
142 zzb(Mexico)  **  Soneto. Quien Sino Tu, Dulcisima Maria... - A Sonnet to the Virgin of Guadalupe  [Mexico]  [c. 1821]  200/300 
143 zzb[Moxo y Francoli, Benito Maria]  Juras Reales, [Luis Maria de Moxo y de Lopez] Baron de  Entretenimientos de un Prisionere en las Provincias del Rio de la Plata  Barcelona  1828  200/300 
144 zzb  Ober, Frederick A.  Travels in Mexico and Life Among the Mexicans  Boston  1884  200/300 
145 zzb  Olañeta, Jose de  Guerra de los Estados-Unidos. Estudios Sobre Artilleria, Fortificacion y Marina Militar  Madrid  1868  400/600 
146 zzb  Peralta Ramirez, Valentin  In Achikoli Iwan in Temilo - El Achikoli y Temilo  [Mexico]  [2000]  200/300 
147 zzb  Portilla, Anselmo de la  Mejico en 1856 Y 1857. Gobierno del General Comonfort  Nueva-York  1858  200/300 
148 zzb  Posada, Jose Guadalupe  Monografia las Obras de Jose Guadalupe Posada, Grabador Mexicano  Mexico  1930  600/900 
149 (Railroad)  [Mexican National Railway and Texas Mexican Railway]  La Golondrina  Chicago  1886  100/150 
150 zzb  Riva Palacio, Vicente & Manuel Payno  El Libro Rojo, 1520-1867  Mexico City  1870  2000/3000 
151 zzb  [Stevens, Simon]  The Tehuantepec Railway, Its Location, Features and Advantages Under the La Sere Grant of 1869  New York  1869  200/300 
152 zzb  Ward, H[enry] G[eorge]  Mexico in 1827  London  1828  700/1000 
153 zzb[Zavala, Lorenzo de]  L.P.  Los Crimenes de Zavala son Bien Publicos en Mexico  Mexico  June 1, 1829  200/300 
154 zzb  Zavala, Lorenzo de  Viaje a los Estados-Unidos del Norte de America  Merida de Yucatan  1846  200/300 
155   Zayas Enriquez, Rafael de  Benito Juarez, Su Vida - Su Obra  Mexico  1906  100/150 
156 zzc  Buxton, Thomas Fowell  Der Afrikanische Sklavenhandel und Seine Abhulfe [The African Slave Trade and its Remedy]  Leipzig  1841  250/350 
157 zzc(China)  Allom, Thomas  Collection of 81 engraved plates of Chinese scenes - 1 colored  London  [c. 1850]  400/700 
158 zzc(China)  Clarke, A.W.  Two Autograph Letters signed by A.W. Clarke, U.S. Consul in Foo Chow, China, to his aunt, describing rebel uprisings and other matters  Foo Chow, China  1864 & 1865  700/1000 
159 zzc(China)  [Mason, George Henry]  The Punishments of China  London  1801  1000/1500 
160 zzc(China Trade Archive)  **  Archive of approximately 53 holograph letters, plus a few duplicates, from merchants and traders to William Shepard Wetmore, China Trade merchant and supercargo  Various places  1827-1840  20000/30000 
161 zzc  Craven, Elizabeth  A Journey Through the Crimea to Constantinople in a Series of Letters  Dublin  1789  300/500 
162 zzc  Fouan, Charles de  Aide-Memoire Militaire a l'Usage des Officiers d'Infanterie et de Cavalerie  Paris  1844  200/300 
163 zzc  Fung, H.K.  The Shop Signs of Peking  Peking  [1931]  5000/8000 
164 zzc(Germany)  **  The Buyers' Guide through Germany and Bohemia etc...  Gotha, Germany  1912-1913  200/300 
165 zzc  Markham, Beryl  West with the Night  Boston  1942  300/500 
166 zzc(Nepal)  Hamilton, Francis, (Formerly Buchanan)  An Account of the Kingdom of Nepal, and of the Territories Annexed to this Donimion by the House of Gorkha  Edinburgh  1819  400/600 
167 zzc(Nepal)  Howard-Bury, C.K.  Mount Everest: The Reconnaissance, 1921  London  1922  200/300 
168 zzc(Nepal)  Kirkpatrick, Colonel [William J.]  An Account of the Kingdom of Nepaul, being the Substance of Observations made during a Mission to that Country, in the Year 1793  London  1811  2000/3000 
169 zzc(Nepal)  Le Bon, Le Dr. Gustave  Les Civilisations de L'Inde  Paris  1887  400/600 
170 zzc(Nepal)  Lévi, Sylvain  Two titles by Sylvain Lévi  Paris  Various dates  200/300 
171 zzc(Nepal)  Norton, E.F.  The Fight For Everest: 1924  London  1925  300/500 
172 zzc(Nepal)  **  Posts & Telegraphs Dept [cover] - book containing postage stamps from Bhutan    1970s-1980s  200/300 
173 zzc(Nepal)  **  A few shelves of books and materials on Nepal and the surrounding region  Various places  Various dates  400/600 
174 zzc(Photographs - Lithuania)  **  Album of 64 gelatin silver photographs of Klapêda and the surrounding area in Lithuania  Klapêda, Lithuania  c.1918  400/600 
175 zzc(Photographs - WW I Italy)  **  Two albums with approx. 177 gelatin silver photographs of Italian soldiers in northern Italy during World War I  Italy  c.1915-1918  700/1000 
176 zzc  Requa, Richard  Architectural Details: Spain and the Mediterranean...  Los Angeles  [1926]  400/600 
177 zzc  Roosevelt, Theodore  African Game Trails: An Account of the African Wanderings of an American Hunter-Naturalist  New York  1910  250/350 
178 zzc(Russia)  **  Historical Sketch of Moscow: Illustrated by Twelve Views of Different Parts of That Imperial City, The Kremlin, &c.  London  1813  4000/6000 
179 zzc(Russian)  **  Small collection of Russian ephemera, including two stock certificates    Mostly late 19th century  200/300 
180 zzc  Smith, John Thomas  Ancient Topography of London; Containing Not Only Views of Buildings, Which in Many Instances No Longer Exist, and for the Most part Were Never Before Published; but Some Account of Places and Customs Either Unknown or Overlooked by the London Historians  London  1815  300/500 
181   [Tyler, Royall]  The Algerine Captive; or, The life and adventures of Doctor Updike Underhill, six years a prisoner among the Algerines  Hartford, CT  1816  300/500 
182 zzc  Willyams, Cooper  A Voyage Up the Mediterranean in His Majesty's Ship the Swiftsure, One of the Squadron Under the Command of Rear-Admiral Sir Horatio Nelson...with a Description of the Battle of the Nile on the First of August 1798, and a Detail of Events That Occurred Subsequent to the Battle in Various Parts of the Mediterranean  London  1802  1500/2000 
183 zzc(World War II sheet music)  Gensburger, Fred  France Quand Même  Shanghai, China  1941  300/500 
184 zzf(AGWI Lines)  **  Colorful poster for AGWI Lines cruises    [1930s?]  100/150 
185 (Cruise Ships - American President Lines)  **  Four photographs of the S.S. President Wilson      100/150 
186 zzf(American President Lines)  **  Thirty-one menus from the American President Lines 1948-1972    1948-1972  200/300 
187 zzf(Austrian Lloyd's Steam Navigation Company)  **  Group of items relating to Austrian Lloyd's Steam Navigation Company    Late 19th, early 20th century  300/500 
188 zzf(Cabin Plans)  **  Collection of cabin plans of various ships    Late 19th, early 20th century  400/700 
189 (Cruise Ships - Coast Guard)  **  Two government documents issued to Theodore Marcollo, Jr., a young United States Merchant Marine    1945; 1948  100/150 
190 zzf(Cosulich Line)  **  Menus from the Cosulich Line    1933-1938  200/300 
191 zzf(Cosulich Line - Vulcania and Saturnia)  **  Small group of items relating to the Vulcania and Saturnia    Early 20th century  200/300 
192 zzf(Cunard Line)  **  Ephemera regarding various Cunard Line ships    Early 20th century  200/300 
193 zzf(Cunard Line)  **  Five calendar cards from Cunard Line, one from Pacific Mail Steamship Co.    1909-1930  200/300 
194 zzf(Cunard Line - Mauretania)  **  "Mauretania" Launch at the yard of Cammell Laird & Co Limited, Birkenhead - Souvenir book    1938  100/150 
195 zzf(Cunard Line - Queen Mary)  **  Large group of items relating to the R.M.S. Queen Mary    mostly c.1934  200/300 
196 (Cruise Ships - Engineer Certificate)  **  United States Inspectors Certificate to Engineers  San Francisco  1878  100/150 
197 (Cruise Ships - Ephemera)  **  Bill heads, letters and other ephemera, mostly related to the operation of the barge "WK Moone" docking out of Duluth, Minnesota  Mostly Duluth, Minn.  1900s  150/250 
198 zzf(Ephemera)  **  Six items of framed ephemera related to ships    Mostly early to mid 20th century  150/250 
199 zzf(Ephemera)  **  Small group of miscellaneous items from various travels, mostly aboard ship lines    Mostly early 20th century  150/250 
200 (Cruise Ships - French Line)  **  Menus and publications from various French Lines    mostly 1950s-1960s  100/150 
201 zzf(French Line - Normandie)  **  Normandie: Compagnie Generale Transatlantique [cover]  [France]  [c.1932]  200/300 
202 zzf(German)  **  Small group of items from various German ship lines    1904-1932  200/300 
203 zzf(Germany-America)  **  Norddeutscher Lloyd, Bremen - six maps showing the route between Bremen and New York, utilized by the ship line    c.1913  200/300 
204 (Cruise Ships - Hamburg-American Line)  **  Six items relating to the Hamburg-American Line    1920s-1930s  100/150 
205 zzf(Italian Line)  **  Collection of ephemera from the Italian Line and its precursors    Mostly early to mid 20th century  400/600 
206 zzf(Italian Line - Conte Grande)  **  Four items from the Italian Line    Early 1930s  200/300 
207 zzf(Italian Line)  **  Group of Italian cruise booklets    1925-1933  300/500 
208 zzf(Italian Line)  **  Large collection of ephemera from the Italian Line and its precursors    Mostly early to mid 20th century  500/800 
209 zzf(Italian Line)  **  Large group of post cards from various Italian Lines, plus small group of ephemera      300/500 
210 zzf(Italian Line - Rex)  **  Framed sign for Rex "Flotte Riunite"      150/250 
211 zzf(Italian Line - Rex)  **  Small group of items relating to Rex    1930s  300/500 
212 zzf(Italian Line)  **  Roma: Navigazione Generale Italiana  [Napoli]  1926  200/300 
213 zzf(Lloyd Triestino - Victoria)  **  Four photographs and two promotional items for the Victoria    C.1931-1950  150/250 
214 zzf(Lusitania)  **  Small archive of letters relating to passengers aboard the Lusitania when it was torpedoed by a German U-Boat  Various places  1915  300/500 
215 (Cruise Ships - Main St. Iron Works)  **  Two letters and five photographs pertaining to Main St. Iron Works, San Francisco and its work on the Tenyo Maru    1908  100/150 
216 zzf(N.A.S.M. - Netherlands American Steamship Company)  **  Large group of items relating to the N.A.S.M.    1880s-1960s  300/500 
217 zzf(N.G.I. - Duilio and Giulio Cesare)  **  Group of items relating to Navigazione Generale Italiana    Mostly early to mid 20th century  200/300 
218 zzf(Newspapers)  **  Large collection of newspapers reporting on ships    Late 19th, early 20th century  300/500 
219 zzf(Pacific Navigation Co. - Los Angeles Steamship Co.)  **  Four items related to the Yale and Harvard Ships    1910s-1930s  100/150 
220 zzf(Panama Canal)  **  Two ephemeral items issued for the Panama Canal Zone    1913-1914  200/300 
221 zzf(Photographs)  **  Large group of photographs of various ships    1880s-1930s  200/300 
222 zzf(Postcards)  **  Collection of postcards of various ships      200/300 
223 zzf(Postcards - Cunard Line and White Star Line)  **  Over 100 postcards of various ships of the Cunard Line and the White Star Line    Early 20th century  200/300 
224 zzf(Postcards)  **  Over 200 postcards from various ship lines, mostly German and French    Mostly early 20th century  250/350 
225 zzf(Postcards - Russian)  **  Approximately sixty-one post cards of Russian ships and sights    Mostly early 20th Cent.  200/300 
226 zzf(Postcards)  **  Ten Postcard "Silks" of Ocean Liners    [Early 20th century]  200/300 
227 zzf(Posters)  **  Large collection of posters and prints of ships or related to cruises    20th century mostly  200/300 
228 (Cruise Ships - Red Cross)  **  American Hospital Ship American & English Red Cross - program card for the Grand Gala Concert at the Metropolitan Opera House    March 22d, 1900  80/120 
229 (Cruise Ships - Royal Navy)  **  The Royal Navy as a Career and How to Join It  London  1936  200/300 
230 (Cruise Ships - S.S. Monterey)  **  Nineteen menus from the S.S. Monterey    1967; 1971  100/150 
231 (Cruise Ships - Ticket)  **  WITHDRAWN Passenger ticket aboard the Star of England, 1866    1866  80/120 
232 (Cruise Ships - Ticket)  **  1869 ticket for a German ship    1869  80/120 
233 (Cruise Ships - United States Circuit Court of Appeals)  **  Seven reports of the proceedings of various cases relating to ships    1896-1902  80/120 
234 zzf(United States Lines)  **  Large collection of items related to various United States Lines    Mostly 1930s  200/300 
235 zzf(Various)  **  Collection of books, booklets, and ephemera regarding various ship lines and cruises around the world    Various dates  200/300 
236 zzf(Various)  **  Collection of ephemera from travels aboard various ships    Mostly early 20th century  400/700 
237 zzf(Various)  **  Collection of ephemera related to various ships and cruises    Late 19th, early 20th century  200/300 
238 zzf(Various)  **  Collection of over 50 brochures for various cruises, ship lines, etc.    1905-1975  200/300 
239 zzf(Various)  **  Large group of items from various ship lines and cruises    Mostly early to mid 20th century  600/900 
240 zzf(White Star Line)  **  Eight log abstracts from various ships of the White Star Line    1904-1932  200/300 
241 (Cruise Ships - White Star Line - Majestic)  **  Souvenir of my Voyage - handkerchief from the R.M.S. Majestic    No date  80/120 
242 zzf(White Star Line - Majestic and Olympic)  **  Group of ephemera from the White Star Lines, Majestic and Olympic    1900s-1930s  300/500 
243 zzf(White Star Line - Titanic)  **  Oakland Tribune - the Monday evening edition of the April 15, 1912 newspaper reporting the sinking of the Titanic - plus four more issues  Oakland, CA  April 15, 1912-April 20, 1912  200/300 
244 (Cruise Ships - White Star Line)  **  Two items from White Star Line    1907-1909  80/120 
245 zzg(Cartography Reference)  Heckrotte, Warren with Julie Sweetkind, editors  California 49: Forty-nine Maps of California from the sixteenth century to the present  San Francisco  1999  120/180 
246 zzh(Atlas)  **  The Pacific Coast and The World  San Francisco  [c. 1890]  600/900 
247 zzh(Atlas)  Thomas, Cowperthwait & Co.  A New Universal Atlas Containing Maps of the various Empires, Kingdoms, States and Republics of the World with a special Map of each of the United States, plans of Cities &c. Comprehended in seventy five sheets and forming a series of One Hundred and Twenty Two Maps, Plans and Sections  Philadelphia  1854  1000/1500 
248 zzh(Alaska Highway)  Mundy, C.G.  Mundy's Pocket Map of Northwest Canada and Part of Alaska  Edmonton, Alberta, Canada  1943  200/300 
249 zzf  Anson, George  A Chart Shewing the Track of the Centurion round the World  London  1748  100/150 
250 (Arizona)  **  Two lithograph views of Arizona cities  San Francisco  [c. 1890s]  100/150 
251 zzh  [Arrowsmith] and S[amuel] Lewis  Louisiana  [Philadelphia]  [1804]  300/500 
252 zzh(Australia)  **  Two large maps of Australia  London  1844 & c.1854  300/500 
253 zzh  Bellin, Jacques Nicolas  Carte de la Virginie, de la Baye Chesapeack, et Pays Voisins. Pour servir à l'Histoire Générale des Voyages  Paris  1757  300/500 
254 zzh  Bierstadt, Albert  The Last of the Buffalo - photogravure  No place  1891  8000/12000 
255 zzh  Bonne, Rigobert  Carte de la Partie Nord, des Etats Unis, de l'Amerique Septentrionale  Paris  c.1782  100/150 
256 zzh  Bonne, Rigobert  Carte de la Partie Nord, des Etats Unis, de l'Amerique Septentrionale  Paris  c.1783  100/150 
257 zzh(Boston - Bunker Hill)  **  Situations Plan der Englischen Armée vor und um Boston nebst der Stellung der Americaner  Germany  c.1776  300/500 
258 zzh  Bowen, Emanuel  A Map of the British American Plantations, Extending from Boston in New England to Georgia; Including All the Back Settlements in the Respective Provinces, as Far as the Mississipi  London  1754  300/500 
259 zzh  Bowen, Emanuel  A New & Accurate Map of the Island of Cuba Drawn from Most Approved Maps & Charts and Regulated by Astron. Observations  London  c.1747  100/150 
260 zzh  Bradley, Abraham, Jr.  Map of the Northern Parts of the United States of America  Boston  1802  100/150 
261 zzf  Buy de Mornas, Claude  Pour les Vents  Paris  1756  100/150 
262 zzh(California - Contra Costa & Alameda Counties)  Punnett Brothers  Map of Contra Costa & Alameda Counties Cal.  San Francisco  1908  400/600 
263 zzh(California - Mill Valley)  Jones, H.H.  Cadastral map of Mill Valley, Marin County, California  Marin County, CA  1918  500/800 
264 zzf  Chamouin, Jean Baptiste Marie  Mappe-Monde sur la Projection Reduite de Mercator  Paris  1806  150/250 
265 zzh  Chiquet, Jacques  L'Amerique Septentrionale qui fait partie ds Indes Occidentales  Paris  1722  500/800 
266 zzh  Colorado Blue Print  Map of Gold Fields of Alaska  Denver, Colorado  No date [c.1900]  250/350 
267 zzh  Colton, G.W. & C.B.  Colton's Indian Territory  New York  c.1870  150/250 
268 zzf  Colton, G.W. & C.B.  Map of the Mosquito Coast, Nicaragua, Central America. Compiled by H.G. Higley C.E. assisted by Sam D. Spellman. Butterfields, Nica. 1894  New York  1894  500/800 
269 zzf  Colton, J.H.  Colton's California  New York  1855-[1860]  100/150 
270 zzf(Massachusetts - Boston)  Colton, J.H.  Colton's Map of Boston and Adjacent Cities  New York  1855  80/120 
271 zzh  Colton, J.H.  New Map of the State of Texas, Compiled from J. De Cordova's large Map  New York  c.1860  200/300 
272 zzf  Colton, J.H.  Territories of New Mexico and Utah  New York  1855  150/250 
273 zzf  Colton, J.H.  The United States of America  New York  1855  250/350 
274 zzh  Colton, J.H.  Washington and Oregon  New York  1853  300/500 
275 zzh(Currier & Ives)  **  Death of Harrison, April 4 A.D. 1841  New York  1841  300/500 
276 zzf  De Fer, Nicolas  Mappe-Monde ou Carte Universelle par N. de Fer  Paris  1714  250/350 
277 zzf  De Laporte, Joseph  Carte de la Virginie et du Mariland  Paris  c.1783  100/150 
278 zzf  De Vaugondy, Robert  Carte Generale des Découvertes de l'Amiral de Fonte et autres Navigateurs Espagnols, Anglois et Russes pour la recherche du Passage a la Mer du Sud. Par M. De l'Isle de l'Acedemie royale des Sciences &c. Publiee a Paris en Septembre 1752  [Paris]  c.1772  100/150 
279 zzh  Dufour, Adolphe Hippolyte  Mexique, Antilles, Etats-Unis...  Paris  c.1868  200/300 
280 zzh  Eddy William M.  Approved & Declared to be The Official Map of the State of California by an Act of the Legislature Passed March 25th 1853. Compiled by W.M. Eddy, State Surveyor General. Published for R.A. Eddy, Marysville, California...  New York  1854  20000/30000 
281 zzf  Ellicott, Andrew  Territoire de Columbia  Paris  1815  150/250 
282 zzh  Gentleman's Magazine  A Chart of Delaware Bay and River, from the Original by Mr. Fisher of Philadelphia, 1776  London  1779  100/150 
283 zzf  Gentleman's Magazine  A Map Shewing the Communication of the Lakes and the Rivers between Lake Superior and Slave Lake in North America  London  1790  150/250 
284 zzf  Gentleman's Magazine  A Map of Connecticut and Rhode Island, with Long Island Sound, &c.  London  1776  100/150 
285 zzh  Gentleman's Magazine  A Map of the Country round Philadelphia Including Part of New Jersey New York Staten Island & Long Island  London  1776  200/300 
286 zzh  Gentleman's Magazine  A Map of the Country round Philadelphia Including Part of New Jersey New York Staten Island & Long Island  London  1776  200/300 
287 zzf  Gentleman's Magazine  A Particular Map, to Illustrate Gen. Amherst's Expedition, to Montreal; with a Plan of the Town & Draught of ye Island  London  1760  100/150 
288 zzf  Gentleman's Magazine  An Accurate Map of the British Empire in Nth. America as Settled by the Preliminaries in 1762  London  1762  150/250 
289 zzf  Gentleman's Magazine  Chart of the Track of the Dolphin, Tamar, Swallow & Endeavor, through the South Seas; & the Track of M. Bougainville, round the World  London  1773-1774  200/300 
290 zzh  Gentleman's Magazine  (Louisiana, Virginia & Carolina)  London  1763  250/350 
291 zzh  Gentleman's Magazine  Map of the Progress of His Majesty's Armies in New York, during the Late Campaign Illustrating the Accounts Publish'd in the London Gazette  London  1776  150/250 
292 zzh(Grand Canyon)  Henry, H. Raymond  Grand Canyon, Arizona / From The North Rim / Reached via The Union Pacific Railroad  No place  c.1930s  2000/3000 
293 zzf(Atlas)  Hague, Arnold  Atlas to Accompany Monograph XXXII on the Geology of the Yellowstone National Park  Washington  1904  300/500 
294 zzf  Harper's Weekly  The Centennial - Balloon View of the Grounds  New York  1876  200/300 
295 (Hawaii)  **  Ink manuscript "Map of Government Remainders Situated on Kapoho in the District of Puna, Hawaii, Surveyed Feb. 1888 Loubenstein..."  Hawaii  1888  900/1200 
296 zzh  Hayden, F[erdinand] V.  Geological and Geographical Atlas of Colorado and Portions of Adjacent Territory  No Place  1881  500/800 
297 zzf  Hinton, John Howard  Map of the States of Pennsylvania and New Jersey  London  1831  100/150 
298 zzf  Hinton, John Howard  Map of the States of Virginia and Maryland  London  1831  100/150 
299 zzh  Hood, Washington  Map of the United States Territory of Oregon West of the Rocky Mountains. Exhibiting the various Trading Depots or Forts occupied by the British Hudson Bay Company, connected with the Western and northwestern Fur Trade  Washington  1838  300/500 
300 zzh  Illustrated London News  Bird's-Eye View of Boston, United States  London  1872  300/500 
301 zzh  Illustrated London News  New York from Bergen Hill: Hoboken  London  1876  1000/1500 
302 zzh  Janvier, [Jean]  L'Amerique septentrionale divisée en ses principaux etats  Paris  1762  300/500 
303 zzh(Japan)  **  Hand-colored manuscript map of Daimyo Doman, Japan  Japan  Late 19th century  200/300 
304 zzh(Japan)  Heine, Wilhelm  Public Bath at Simoda - Suppressed plate from the report of Perry's Expedition to Japan  Philadelphia  1854  300/500 
305 zzf  Johnson & Browning  Johnson's Nebraska and Kansas  [New York]  [1861]  150/250 
306 zzh  Johnson & Browning  Johnson's Washington and Oregon  [New York]  c.1861  200/300 
307 zzh  Johnson & Ward  Johnson's New Map of the State of Texas  New York  c.1864  250/350 
308 zzc  La Pérouse, Jean François de Galaup de  Plan du Port de St. François, Situé su la côte de la Californie Septentrionale. La Pointe de Rois par 37o.59'. de Latitude Nord et 124o.54'. de Longitude  Paris  1797  400/600 
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310 zzh  Lizars, W. & D.  United States of America  Edinburgh  1819  400/600 
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312 zzh  Malte-Brun, Conrad  Carte de la Melanesie ou Nouvelle Hollande  Paris  1837  200/300 
313 zzh  Millar, Andrew  A New & Complete Mercator Chart of the World  London  c.1780  100/150 
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315 zzh  Mitchell, S[amuel] Augustus  Mitchell's Map of the United States; Showing the Principal Travelling, Turnpike and Common Roads; on which are Given the Distances in Miles from One Place to Another; also, the Courses of the Canals & Rail Roads Throughout the Country, Carefully Compiled from the Best Authorities  Philadelphia  1835  500/800 
316 zzh  Moll, Herman  Africa, According to ye Newest and Most Exact Observations  London  c.1740  200/300 
317 zzh  Moll, Herman  Two maps of regions of South America  London  c.1740  200/300 
318 zzf  Morse, Jedediah  Map of the District of Maine, Part of Massachusetts, from the Latest Surveys, by Osgood Carleton  Boston  1802  100/150 
319 zzf  Morse, Jedediah  Map of the States of Maryland and Delaware by J. Denison  Boston  1796  80/120 
320 zzf  Morse, Jedediah  Rhode-Island and Connecticut  Boston  1802  80/120 
321 zzh  Mundy, C.G.  Mundy's Map of Greater Edmonton. Compiled and for Sale by the Mundy Map and Blueprint Co. of Alberta  Edmonton, Alberta, Canada  1912  300/500 
322 zzh(Native American)  Browning, D.M.  Map Showing Indian Reservations Within the Limits of the United States, Compiled Under the Direction of Hon. D.M. Browning. Commissioner of Indian Affairs, 1895  [Washington, D.C.]  1895  200/300 
323 zzh(New Mexico)  Rand, McNally & Co.  Rand, McNally & Co.'s Indexed County and Township Pocket Map and Shipper's Guide of New Mexico  Chicago  1899  200/300 
324 zzh  Ogilby, John  A map and a view of Morocco from Ogilby's Africa  London  c.1670  400/600 
325 zzh  Pine, John  [Plate illustrating the defeat of the Spanish Armada by the English Fleet]  London  1739  400/600 
326 zzh(Pittsburgh, PA)  Armor Lithographic Company  City of Pittsburgh  Pittsburgh  c.1880  300/500 
327 zzf  Rand, McNally & Co.  Rand, McNally & Co.'s California (caption title)  Chicago  1895  100/150 
328 zzh  Reichard, Christian Gottlieb Theophil  Charte von Nordamerica nach den Neuesten Bestimmungen und Entdeckungen  Weimar  1802  700/1000 
329 zzh(San Diego)  **  Plano del Puerto de San Diego de la California Septentrional [with, on same sheet] Plano del Puerto de San Blas en las Costas de Estado de Xalisco  Mexico  1825  600/900 
330 zzh  Sanson, Nicolas or Guillaume  Les Isles de Malte, Goze &c.  Paris  c.1700  200/300 
331 zzh  Scots Magazine  A Map of Maryland with Part of Virginia and Pensylvania  Edinburgh  1781  200/300 
332 zzh  Scots Magazine  A Map of the British and French Settlements in North America  Edinburgh  1755  300/500 
333 zzh  Scull & Heap  A Map of Philadelphia and Parts Adjacent, by N. Scull and G. Heap  London  c.1777  200/300 
334 zzh  Seutter, George Matthaus  Nov. Orbis sive America Septentrionalis. Divisa per sua Regna Provinc: et Insul: Cura et Opera  Augsburg  [1740]  500/800 
335 zzf  Smith, A.L.  County Map of the State of Texas, Showing also Portions of the Adjoining States and Territories  No place  1894  100/150 
336 zzh  Smith, Joseph  The South West Prospect of Ludlow Town and Castle  London  1719  1000/1500 
337 zzh  Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge  Central America II. Including Texas, California and the Northern States of Mexico  London  1842  500/800 
338 zzh  Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge  Five plans of German Cities  London  c.1840  300/500 
339 zzh  Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge  Nine plans of European Cities  London  c.1840  500/800 
340 zzh  Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge  Six plans of Italian Cities  London  c.1850  300/500 
341 zzh  Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge  Three plans of Russian and Polish Cities  London  c.1840  400/600 
342 zzh  Stieler, Adolph  Two maps from Stieler's Schul-Atlas  Gotha  c.1840  300/500 
343 zzf(Niagara Falls)  Stockdale, John  An Eye Sketch of the Falls of Niagara  London  1798  100/150 
344 zzh  Talbot, John  United States of America Exhibiting the Seat of War on the Canadian Frontier from 1812 to 1815  Leeds, England  1816  300/500 
345 zzh  Tallis, John  Five maps of Asia and the Middle East by John Tallis  London  c.1851  300/500 
346 zzf  Tanner, H[enry] S[chenk]  A New Map of Illinois with its Proposed Canals, Roads & Distances from Place to Place along the Stage and Steam Boat Routes  Philadelphia  1833-[1836]  80/120 
347 zzh  Tanner, H[enry] S[chenk]  Florida  Philadelphia  1833-[1836]  300/500 
348 zzh  Tanner, H[enry] S[chenk]  Map of the United States and Mexico, Drawn & Engraved under the direction of H.S. Tanner, for the Atlas, to accompany Thos. T. Smiley's Easy Introduction the Study of Geography  Philadelphia  1830  500/800 
349 zzf  Tanner, H[enry] S[chenk]  North America  Philadelphia  1830  100/150 
350 zzf  Tanner, H[enry] S[chenk]  Three maps, Indiana, Kentucky and Tennessee  Philadelphia    150/250 
351 zzf  Tardieu, Ambrose  Carte du Mexique Dresse pour l'Intelligence de l'Histoire Generale des Voyages de La Harpe  Paris  1821  100/150 
352 zzh  U.S. Coast Survey  City of San Francisco and Its Vicinity, California. From a Trigonometrical Survey by R.D. Cutts, Assistant. Topography by A.F Rodgers  Washington  1853  300/500 
353 zzh  U.S. State Surveys  Montana Territory  Washington  1879  300/500 
354 zzh  U.S. State Surveys  Territory of Arizona  Washington  1879  300/500 
355 zzh  U.S. State Surveys  Territory of Idaho  Washington  1879  300/500 
356 zzh  United States General Land Office  Map of the United States and Territories. Shewing the Extent of Public Surveys and other Details... under the Direction of Joseph S. Wilson, Commissioner  Washington  1866  500/800 
357 zzf  Universal Magazine  A New and Accurate Map of the Colony of Massachusetts Bay, in North America from a Late Survey  London  [1780]  150/250 
358 zzh  Universal Magazine  Plan of the City of Washington; Now Building for the Metropolis of America, and Established as the Permanent Residence of Congress after the Year 1800  London  1793  300/500 
359 zzh(Washington Territory - Mt. Rainier)  **  Mount Tacoma, Washington Territory. Hight [sic] 14440 Feet  Portland, OR  c.1888  300/500 
360 zzh(Washington - Thurston County)  Muckle, John, surveyor  Plan of the Northern Half of Olympian Temples    [c.1891]  300/500 
361 zzh  Weld, Isaac  Plan of the City of Washington  London  1798  200/300 
362 zzh(West Indies)  **  Ten maps and views of islands, towns and ports in the West Indies  Various places  Various dates  400/600 
363 zzh(West Indies)  **  Ten maps of the West Indies  Various places  Various dates  600/900 
364 zzf  Williams, W.  A New Map of the United States upon which are Delineated the Vast Works of Internal Communications, Routes across the Continent &c. Showing also Canada and the Island of Cuba  Philadelphia  1854  700/1000 
365 (World War II - U-Boat)  **  German wartime chart taken off a U-Boat, of the English Channel and North Sea, with the English Coast, plus other U-Boat artifacts  Berlin  March 23, 1944  400/600 
366 zzh(World War I Poster)  Enright, Maginel Wright  War Gardens Over the Top: The Seeds of Victory Insure the Fruits of Peace - original poster    1919  150/250 
367 zzh  Zatta, Antonio  Il Maryland, il Jersey Meridionale, la Delaware, e la Parte Orientale della Virginia, e Carolina Settentrionale  Venice  1778  400/600 
368 zzf  Zatta, Antonio  Il Paese de Cherachesi, con la Parte Occidentale della Carolina Settentrionale e della Virginia  Venice  1778  250/350 
369 zzh  Zatta, Antonio  Il Paese de' Selvaggi Outagamiani, Mascoutensi, Illinesi, e Parte delle VI Nazioni  Venice  1778  400/600 
370 zzh  Zatta, Antonio  La Pensilvania, la Nuova York, il Jersey Settentrio:le, con la Parte Occidentale del Connecticut, Massachusett-s-Bay e l'Irochesia  Venice  1778  400/600 
371 zzf  Zatta, Antonio  Luigiana Inglese, colla Parte Occidentale della Florida, della Giorgia, e Carolina Meridionale  Venice  1778  250/350 
372 zzh  Zatta, Antonio  Parte Orientale della Florida, della Giorgia, e Carolina Meridionale  Venice  1778  300/500 
373 (California - Yuba County)  **  Index to Great Register Yuba County General Election Tuesday, November 4, 1930 (wrapper title)  Marysville, CA  1930  200/300 
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